Frequently asked questions about Moomin mugs

If you know anything about the Moomins, you’re likely to know about the Moomin mugs. The ceramic mugs by Moomin Arabia are a popular collectible that has been on the market since the ‘90s. Below you can find answers to some frequently asked questions about Moomin mugs.

What is a Moomin mug?

When using the word Moomin mug, people most often refer to Moomin Arabia’s Teema-shaped porcelain mugs. The first Teema-shaped Moomin mug came to market in 1990, and the products have been popular collectibles ever since. Nowadays, the mugs come in two different sizes: 0.3 l and 0.4 l.

Who designs Moomin mugs?

Most Moomin mugs have been designed by Arabia’s ceramic illustrator Tove Slotte. Slotte, however, retired in 2022, and currently, the design team consists of designer Annika Tickle and illustrator Parvati Pillai. Camilla Moberg also designed four mugs in the 1990s during Slotte’s maternity leave.

The motifs on the mugs are all from Tove Jansson’s original Moomin artworks, mainly novels and comics. Designing one series of character mugs takes about two years.

Why are Moomin mugs so popular?

There is, of course, no one clear answer to why the mugs have become such popular collectables. Most likely, the popularity is a result of many factors, the most important of which are the one-of-a-kind illustrations. The motifs, based on Tove Jansson’s original illustrations, bring back childhood memories for many. Each illustration also tells a story, which evokes feelings and makes the product more than a mug – it reminds the user of the Moomin stories and their values. Not to forget that it’s fun to choose the perfect mug for your morning coffee based on your mood – or your favourite colours!

The first mugs became available for sale in 1990, at the same time as, the animation series Moomin started airing. The show started a so-called Moomin boom worldwide, which likely affected the mugs’ popularity as well.

How many Moomin mugs are there?

Moomin Arabia has released altogether over 145 Teema-shaped Moomin mugs. You can find all the mugs on this continuously updated list of all Moomin mugs.

Which Moomin mugs are currently in production?


In this continuously updated list of Moomin mugs, or the Mukify app, you can also find the production year of each mug, and which mugs are still in production.

The mug that has been in production the longest is the Love mug from 1996, which is still available.

What are the different types of Moomin mugs?

Moomin mugs can be divided into character mugs (also known as classics), seasonal mugs, special edition mugs and 0.4-litre mugs.

Each classic mug features one character from the Moomin stories and emphasizes their typical traits or hobbies. The classics are part of Moomin Arabia’s permanent collection. An interesting fact – the very first character mugs weren’t approved for production!

Seasonal mugs are released twice a year, one for the summer season and one for the winter, and are only sold for a limited time. 

Special edition mugs are mugs that don’t count as classics or seasonal mugs. They are often (but not always) sold only for a limited time. The special editions include, for example, the mugs published to celebrate Moomin’s Day (9th August) and the Adventure Move mug, which is part of a six-piece series.

The first 0.4 litre mugs came to market in 2021. So far, two different kinds of bigger mugs have been available: new versions of 1990s mugs and new alphabet mugs.

Where can I buy Moomin mugs?

You can buy Moomin mugs from the official Moomin Shop online, Moomin Shops around the world, Moomin Arabia’s website and stores, as well as resellers.

Where are Moomin mugs made?

Moomin mugs were produced at the Arabia factory in Helsinki until the 2010s. Nowadays, Moomin Arabia products are manufactured mainly in Thailand.

What size are Moomin mugs?

The traditional Moomin mugs are 0.3l, but since 2021, a variety of Moomin mugs are also available in 0.4l. The mugs can be stacked, so they don’t take up too much space in the cabinet.

What is the newest Moomin mug?

New Moomin mugs come for sale every year. Find the newest Moomin mug from this continuously updated Moomin mug list.

Which Moomin mug is the most valuable?


The most valuable Moomin mug currently is the Fazer mug, sold in 2004. The Christmas-themed mug, custom-made for Fazer Café, was produced in a limited number of  only 400 pieces, each with a unique numbered stamp in the bottom. Its value has been estimated at around 10,000€. 

How valuable is my Moomin mug collection?

You’ll find information on all the Moomin mugs on this updated list. You can find several tools to evaluate your mugs’ value, from price lists made by specialists to collectors’ clubs. A popular tool amongst Moomin mug collectors is the Mukify app. Moomin mug specific flea markets as well as social media channels are popular ways to sell and buy Moomin mugs.