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Unique Moomin duvet covers by Finlayson for the two lucky winners

During the spring 2016 Finnish grocery store chain K-Supermarket organized a competition together with Finlayson where two winners got a unique chance to get duvet covers designed according to their...


Safety and sharing with the new Moomin headphones!

Exceptionally durable BuddyPhones are a safe sound solution for kids, adorned with bright and cheerful Moomin designs. onanoff gives the best of both worlds by combining safe,...


Moomin’s videoblog: tips for finding the perfect Moomin gift (part 3)!

The third part of our Moomin gift videoblog is now up, and this time it was Rolle’s turn to choose his favourites. He picked out the following products: You can watch...


Moomin Museum’s new Reading Room now open

Moomin Museum’s Reading Room Moomin stories can be experienced in the brand new Moomin Museum’s Reading Room in Tampere, Finland. The library’s collection includes Moomin...


Renewing Tove Jansson Gallery at Helsinki Art Museum

Helsinki Art Museum, HAM, has presented the life of Tove Jansson in a permanent exhibition from January 2016 onwards. One of Jansson’s most central works, frescoes Party in...


Hallo Moomin fans in Hannover, Leipzig and Stuttgart!

Kalevala Spirit is a Finnish family company that wants to bring the Finnish cultural experiences to people. Also this winter Kalevala Spirit organizes Finnish...


Moomin Shops in Helsinki now accept Alipay as a payment method

To serve Chinese tourists in Finland better, Moomin Shops in Helsinki Airport and Forum now accept Alipay payments where the money will be transferred via a...


Moomin Characters Ltd features the first Brand Licensing Event in the Nordics

Nordic Brand Licensing Market 2016 Moomin among the 25 other Nordic creative brands meets with the international licensing partners, Nordic agents and creative industries’ developers...

It was one of those lovely warm afternoons full of the scent of flowers and the humming of bees, and the garden was brilliant with the deep colours of late summer.


Greetings from Korea – Moomin cakes with a Moomin lamp as a free gift!

GS25 is one of the biggest convenience store brands in Korea and the number of stores is more than 10,000. Moomin Christmas cake is limited edition by GS25 and it is available to make...


Moomin lights made in Finland

This summer Melaja Ltd bought the business of Moomin lights from Feelis Helsinki. Melaja Ltd has been manufacturing Moomin Lights since 2014 when the products came to market. Melaja is excited about the new possibility to develop...


Have You Seen Moomin in Germany?

Hannover Leipzig München München Stuttgart We know you have! And more coming up this week! Stay tuned (and have a...

It looks rather ordinary,” said the Snork. “Unless you consider that a top hat is always somewhat extraordinary, of course.


Finnish National Ballet to tour Japan with the specifically designed Moomin ballet

The Finnish National Ballet will go on tour to Tokyo and Osaka in Japan in April 2017 The Finnish National Ballet will go on tour in Japan with six...

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