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Last chance for the Arabia’s Moomin summer products!

We still have few Arabia’s seasonal summer 2015 products in stock! Moment on the shore mugs, mug sixpacks and bowls as well as Moomintroll on the stilts and Primadonna’s...


Tasty Moomin smoothies and jams by Roberts

Roberts is a Finnish company and has its own factory in the city of Turku in the southwest coast of Finland....


Last chance for the yellow Moomin cookie tin – third design is here soon!

Last year Fazer launched the first Moomin tin to celebrate Tove 100 anniversary. This year to celebrate Moomin 70 anniversary we got...


Moomin wants to know what you think!

We are conducting a survey for Moomin Characters to find out how Moomin’s brand personality is perceived, and we would be grateful if you would take the time to fill out...


Who inspired Tove when creating Moominmamma?

Tove Jansson‘s own mother, Signe “Ham” Hammarsten-Jansson, inspired Tove when creating Moominmamma, the heartfelt character fluctuating between creativity and housework. Tove’s...

He was the owner of the moonlight on the ground, he fell in love with the most beautiful of the trees, he made wreaths of leaves and strung them around his neck.

Grandmother walked up over the bare granite and thought about birds in general. It seemed to her no other creature had the same dramatic capacity to underline and perfect events — the shifts in the seasons and the weather, the changes that run through people themselves.


Who inspired Tove when creating Moominpappa?

Tove Jansson‘s father, Viktor “Faffan” Jansson has in many ways inspired Tove when creating the character of Moominpappa. Viktor Jansson made his career as a...


Bedclothes -20% to celebrate the Sleepy Head Day!

National Sleepy Head Day (Finnish: Unikeonpäivä) is celebrated in Finland on July 27 every year. Traditionally on this day, the last person still sleeping in the...


Håll Sverige Rent coat hangers by EcoligentPaper® now available!

We just got a set of gorgeous Håll Sverige Rent / Keep Sweden Tidy coat hangers! These pink and blue coat hangers are...


New Moomin products from the UK!

Hey Moomin fans! We just got these two fancy products in stock! The Moomin Comic thermos flask and Dangerous Journey iPad Case by Disaster Designs are adorable! The Moomin Comic thermos flask 5 dl Moomin...


Tove Jansson and Tuulikki Pietilä

Tove Jansson (1914) and Tuulikki Pietilä (1917) met each other during art studies and formed a bond that would last throughout their lifetime. From the mid 1950s onwards they lived and worked openly together on...


Adorable new Moomin products by Martinex!

Have a look! Now we have them in stock – products you have been asking for! The Moomin game (which was originally published in the 1950s!), a set of Moomin characters, an extra...


Who inspired Tove when creating Too-ticky?

Positive and pragmatic Too-ticky is inspired by Tove Jansson‘s long-term life partner Tuulikki Pietilä. Pietilä worked as a graphic artist and she was one of the most influential people in Finnish graphic arts....

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