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Express yourself with the second edition of funny LINE stickers!

LINE is a smartphone / tablet application for free instant communications designed and launched in Japan in 2011. LINE users can express themselves with texts,...


Håll Sverige Rent coat hangers by EcoligentPaper® now available!

We just got a set of gorgeous Håll Sverige Rent / Keep Sweden Tidy coat hangers! These pink and blue coat hangers are made...


Moomin wants to know what you think!

We are conducting a survey for Moomin Characters to find out how Moomin’s brand personality is perceived, and we would be grateful if you would take the time to fill out the questionnaire. It will take...


Tasty Moomin smoothies and jams by Roberts

Roberts is a Finnish company and has its own factory in the city of Turku in the southwest coast of Finland. Roberts has recently launched a high-quality Moomin jams and smoothies and as the CEO...


Who inspired Tove when creating Moominpappa?

Tove Jansson‘s father, Viktor “Faffan” Jansson has in many ways inspired Tove when creating the character of Moominpappa. Viktor Jansson made his career as a sculptor and the favourite themes of his...


Bedclothes -20% to celebrate the Sleepy Head Day!

National Sleepy Head Day (Finnish: Unikeonpäivä) is celebrated in Finland on July 27 every year. Traditionally on this day, the last person still sleeping in the house is dubbed the “sleepy head” (or the “laziest”)...


Wooden Moomins by the Finnish company Isoisän Puulelut

Isoisän Puulelut (Grandfather´s Wooden Toys) has been a Moomin licensee already 18 years and therefore is one of the oldest Moomin licensees. Isoisän Puulelut is known first and foremost from their massager Moomins. Massager Moomins...

Milly old souse yourself! retorted Thingumy and Bob, who were seriously upset by this. Oh! So they are foreigners, thought Sniff. I’d better fetch moominmamma

Darned rope!” Moomintroll said angrily.
Sniff was shocked. “Oh!” he gasped, “you swore!


Who inspired Tove when creating Moominmamma?

Tove Jansson‘s own mother, Signe “Ham” Hammarsten-Jansson, inspired Tove when creating Moominmamma, the heartfelt character fluctuating between creativity and housework. Tove’s niece Sophia Jansson, as well as Tove’s brother Per Olov have told...


How to say Moomin in different languages?

Have you ever thought what Moomin / The Moomins is in Dutch or Norwegian? Here are few examples of different languages! Dozens of languages...


Last chance for the yellow Moomin cookie tin – third design is here soon!

Last year Fazer launched the first Moomin tin to celebrate Tove 100 anniversary. This year to celebrate Moomin 70 anniversary we got the charming yellow tin and soon in the...


Last chance for the Arabia’s Moomin summer products!

We still have few Arabia’s seasonal summer 2015 products in stock! Moment on the shore mugs, mug sixpacks and bowls as well as Moomintroll on the stilts and Primadonna’s horse spoons are available...


Adorable new Moomin products by Martinex!

Have a look! Now we have them in stock – products you have been asking for! The Moomin game (which...

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