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Archive Treasures: Benny Törnroos and the Gold & Platinum Records

In the early 90s, Benny Törnroos was asked to sing the Finnish and Swedish versions of theme songs of The Moomins animation series. This year we...


Tove Jansson has been elected to Will Eisner Hall of Fame

Eisner Awards judges have selected two cartoonists to be inducted into the Will Eisner Comic Awards Hall of Fame for 2016. The 2016 Eisner Awards judging...

Didn’t you understand that I was melancholy?


Tove Jansson: Fantasy (Fantasia), 1954

Artist Tove Jansson is best known of her Moomins, but also of her large paintings and murals in the public premises made from the 1940s onwards. In June 1954 Tove...


The blue Håll Sverige Rent Moomin mug available now!

The blue Håll Sverige Rent Moomin mug, Our coast, available now at and at Moomin Shops in Finland! The mug holds 3 dl, is made in Thailand and produced...

It looks rather ordinary,” said the Snork. “Unless you consider that a top hat is always somewhat extraordinary, of course.


The Moomins at Formex fair 2016 – a big success!

Over 15 000 people visited the Moomin stand and the Moomin café attracted nearly 5000 customers during the Formex fair in January 2016. “Bulls Licensing’s futuristic Moomin stand...


Moomin mug #76 Our coast

Mug #76 – Our coast Produced: 2016 Illustrated by Tove Slotte based on the poster Tove and Lars Jansson designed in the 70s for the Keep Sweden Tidy foundation. Manufactured by...


Tove Jansson Gallery at Helsinki Art Museum

Helsinki Art Museum, HAM, will present the life of Tove Jansson in a permanent exhibition. One of Jansson’s most central works, frescoes Party in the City and Party in the Countryside,...


The first Moomin tv-series “Die Muminfamilie” (1959-1960)

The Japanese-Finnish Moomin animation tv-series from the 90’s is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. But did you know that the German series Die Muminfamilie, was the...


Swedish Film Company To Develop New Moomin Animation series

Filmlance International today announced it has entered into a licence agreement with Moomin Characters and Bulls Licensing to develop the new Moomin animation series. Filmlance...


Violet Too-ticky & Ancestor Moomin mugs by Arabia

The beloved Ancestor finally gets his own mug! Also the new version of Too-ticky mug will be available on March to replace...


Moomin products by Finlayson exclusively from Finnish grocery stores

Finnish grocery store chain, K-supermarket, exclusively sells Finlayson’s Moomin towels, duvet covers and pillow cases. Designs are based on the...


Valentine’s Day is coming – all Moomin products -15%!

We’re taking a head start to Valentine’s day! Use the code LoveMoomin to claim a 15% discount on all products at! The code is...

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