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Moomin games

We have recently added a new page Moomin games where you can easily find all the games and other digital programs...


Designing the Moominhouse mug

Already in 2005 Tove Slotte first generated an idea of the Moominhouse mug. This idea came into her mind again...


The film Escape from Moominvalley at the International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA)

The film Escape from Moominvalley (2014) is shown three times in Montreal, Canada at the International Festival of Films on Art...


News about the Håll Sverige Rent Moomin products!

Mark your calendars and save the date Friday March 27th. At 9 am (UTC +2) the pink Håll Sverige Rent...

But one needs a change sometimes. We take everything too much for granted, including each other.


The best of the best Moomin news every day!

We are sure you don´t want to miss anything important related to Moomins! Here are tips how to stay up-to-date:...


The world of Moomin miniatures

Teija, Finnish mother of three children, is obsessed with the world of miniatures. In the spring 2014 she found herself...

Must you be so poetic?

Sniff, from the book Comet in Moominland

Greetings from the Moomin cafe in Kuopio, Finland!

Last week CNN wrote about the loneliness and mentioned also Moomin cafes around the world where you can avoid loneliness...


Additional screenings of the Moomin ballet!

The Moomin ballet, Comet in Moominland by the Finnish National Opera, has reached an enormous popularity. Now the Moomin ballet...


Moomin diapers – made in Finland

The only Finnish diapers, Muumi Baby, are produced in Tammisaari, Finland. The Finnish family company Delipap Oy was established in 1978...


The more the merrier – win a gift card for you and your friend!

Isn´t it so that it´s always more fun with more people? Let your friends know about the Moomins by inviting...


Håll Sverige Rent / Keep Sweden Tidy wallpaper

We thought maybe it is about the time to make a wallpaper with the Håll Sverige Rent / Keep Sweden...


Moomin Shop enamel mugs by Muurla

Today together with the Moomin shops Helsinki Airport & Forum & Itis we visited the factory of Muurla. It was...

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