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New in from Aurora Decorari – Moomin cushion covers

We just got the newest in from Aurora Decorari. Take a look at these cushion covers featuring either: Little My, Moominpappa or Moomintroll...


New in from Suomen Kerta

Good news! We have some new napkins in stock from Suomen Kerta. These are everything you need for a birthday party,Christmas dinner or just eating cake at...


The story behind the NK Moomin posters

A while ago we wrote about Tove Janssons posters originally made for the department store NK, that were recently discovered. As always, when new works by Tove are...


Moomin Language School inspires children to talk

Killinki daycare center in Kouvola specializes in children with language support requirements and linguistic special needs. There are seventeen children at...


Illustrator Anna Ileby and human Moomins

WOW – absolutely stunning illustrations inspired by the Tove Jansson’s Moomins. Swedish illustrator Anna Ileby has been drawing Moomin characters as a human – 13 published so...


Moomin Alphabet part 3 is here!

Once again we are beyond thrilled to say that the next letters of the Moomin Alphabet are here! The newest letters  are T, B, E,F and P. You...

No dishes to wash today. Perhaps I will never ever have to wash them again.

I’m longing to get away from this stony country. Even a poet can have enough sometimes.


Moomins at the theatre: Finnish National Opera 1974 – Moomin opera

The third part of the Moomins at the theatre stories will focus on the Finnish National Operas Moomin Opera from 1974. Earlier we already told you about the Mumintrollet och kometen and Troll...


Moomins at the theatre: Lilla Teatern 1958 – Troll i kulisserna

After the first Moomin-play, Mumintrollet och kometen by Svenska Teatern, Tove Jansson and Vivica Bandler returned to the world of Moomins less than ten years later at Lilla Teatern. Troll i kulisserna (1958) is based...


Moomins at the theatre: Helsinki City Theatre 2002 – Muumit kulisseissa

Moomins at the theatre story series continues with the fourth play – Helsinki City Theatre’s Muumit kulisseissa from 2002. Have you read...


Have You Seen Moomin?

Have you seen Moomin? Do you know where the pictures are taken? Go snap a picture of it and send it to us on Snapchat @moominofficial...


Moomin around the world – Finland

There are wonderful Moomin places all around the world. Here are few tips for you in Finland. (Check the opening hours from here.)...


The Moomin calendar for 2017 by Putinki is here

The lovely Moomin wall calendar for 2017 is finally here. It is published by Putinki, in collaboration with WSOY and the Moomin museum. The calendar artwork is by Tove Jansson. The calendar is...

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