FAMILY and FRIENDS – new Moomin alphabet mugs

Moomin Arabia continues to encourage everyone to express big emotions by rolling out four new 0.4l Moomin Alphabet mugs: F, A, I, and Y. With the sales on 2 November 2023, you can now enjoy the company of your loved ones sipping from the FAMILY mugs. Shortly after, four more mugs: R, N, D, and S, will be released in December, adding the word FRIENDS to the vocabulary.

The main idea of the Moomin Alphabets Collection is to encourage people to come up with various letter combinations to create new and meaningful words. The collection is a part of the Reading, Writing and the Moomins initiative, spreading the joy of reading and writing in the lives of children, youth, and adults.

FAMILY mugs with new characters released in November

As with the previous Alphabet mugs, the illustrations on the new ones are based on Tove Jansson’s hand-drawn initials and lettering from Moomin stories and Moomin maps. Each mug features a different character-letter pair along with other characters on the backside.

moomin alphabet mugs


In the FAMILY series, Hemulen is trying to coax everyone skiing in the terrible frosty weather, although Too-ticky advises everyone not to (F mug). Snorkmaiden is getting ready for a dance as the residents decide to celebrate before the comet hits Moominvalley (A mug). Moominvalley residents – especially The Inspector and Fillyjonk – are going crazy because psychiatrist Dr. Hatter points out confusing observations about their behaviour (I mug), and the blabbermouth Nibling is about to reveal Snorkmaiden’s love letters to Moomintroll (Y mug).

In the respective order, the mug illustrations are based on Jansson’s original Moomin books Moominland Midwinter (1957) and Comet in Moominland (1946), and comics Fuddler’s Courtship (1959) and Moomin and the Brigands (1954–55).

FRIENDS mugs released in December

At the end of December, the Alphabets mug family will grow with another four mugs, R, N, D, and S, enabling the word FRIENDS to be formed from the collection. 

Moomin alphabet mugs


The mug illustrations feature Fillyjonk worrying about how the Moomins can live in such a messy house (R mug), The Groke, who has frightened Sniff, Moomintroll and Shadow (N mug), Snufkin, who has just returned to Moominvalley from his winter journeys (D mug), and Emma the stage rat, who’s confused about the mess made by the Moomins who have temporarily taken up residence in her theatre (S mug).

The illustrations are based on Jansson’s Moomin comics Moominmamma’s Maid (1956), Moomin and the Brigands (1954–55) and Conscientious Moomin (1958), and the novel Moominsummer Madness (1954).

New additions following LOVE and HOME

The first six mugs of the collection, forming the words LOVE and HOME, were launched in January 2023 and are widely available in Moomin Shops, Moomin Arabia’s stores and retailers.


You can buy the first part of the collection (L, O, V, E, H, M) now, and stay tuned for the new sales starting in November and December.

More meanings with the growing collection

As suggested by Moomin Arabia, it will be possible to combine the Alphabet mugs for the words FAMILY, FRIENDS, LOVE, and HOME. Still, one can use their creativity to come up with various words and meanings to their liking, mood, and occasion.

“We will release new alphabet mugs every year in an order based on the most common international first names. So there’s an element of excitement in waiting for your own and your family and friends’ initials to be added to the collection,” says Mirka Paasikangas, Global PR and Communications Manager for Moomin Arabia.

The F, A, I, and Y Alphabet mugs will be available from 2 November 2023 in the Moomin Shop online and offline, and selected Iittala stores and 

The R, N, D, and S mugs will be available from 27 December 2023 in the same locations. Both releases will also become available through global retailers.