Wintry sports continue in Moomin Arabia’s 2023 winter collection

The Moomin Arabia 2023 winter collection, Sliding, features a fast-paced wintry scene packed with competitive spirit. In the illustration of the new mug and bowl, along with the Moomins and Mr. Brisk, two lesser-known characters from the Moomin comics appear. The Moomin winter collection continues the story and pastel colour scheme of the previous year’s winter collection - and will be available 6th October 2023.

Sliding mug bubble

The new Moomin winter collection continues where the previous one left off

The new collection’s illustration continues the story of the last winter collection, in which Mr. Brisk, a winter sports enthusiast, arrives in Moominvalley to stir the emotions of the Moomins with his solid winning mentality. The story is originally told in Tove Jansson’s comic Moomin’s Winter Follies, which first appeared in 1955.

Moomins Winter Jollies
From the comic Moomin’s Winter Follies (1955)

Sliding mug

Moomins Winter Jollies
From the comic Moomin’s Winter Follies (1955)

The novelty tableware gets its inspiration from the part of the comic where the Moomins open the Moominvalley Winter Games. Mymble has a crush on Mr. Brisk and tries to impress him by training skiing day and night. Her plan fails when she wins the skiing competition. Mr. Brisk takes it hard, and the others let him win in a snowball fight against the walrus Edward.

After Stinky tells Mr. Brisk that his win was arranged, he covets revenge in a bobsleighing race. The hill collapses under Edward’s weight, and they switch the race to skating. Eventually, Edward gets enough of the sports and returns home to the North Pole.

2023 moomin winter collection

The illustration features a lesser-known little character and a newcomer

In the fast-paced illustration scene of the dishes, different characters go down the hill, each in their style. On the front of the mug, Moomintroll has chosen skis, but Moominpappa is sliding down on his belly.

Moomins Winter Jollies

Watching the race on the hillside is a dark-furred little character called Shadow, who looks a bit like Sniff. Shadow, who often appears as a helpful side character in the Moomin comics, was featured in the Moomin dishes for the first time in 2008 in the Winter Bonfire seasonal collection.

The snowy hill continues on the other side of the illustration with an intense bobsleighing race between Mr. Brisk and the walrus Edward. The latter now appears on Moomin dishes for the first time, and in the Moomin comics, only in Moomin’s Winter Follies.

Sliding mug winter collection

The pastel colour scheme continues

The Sliding mug and bowl go well together for table settings with the winter 2022 Winter Wonders seasonal dishes. Tove Slotte, who designed the mug, has chosen the same pastel tones for this year’s collection. The sky is pale pink, and the clouds light blue.

The use of lines is characteristic of Tove Jansson’s drawing style, and the bright colouring of the details of the characters’ clothing gives the collection a fresh look.

moomin 2023 winter collection

Available for a limited time from 6th October 2023

The Sliding collection includes a mug (0.3 l) and a bowl (15 cm). The design is from the beloved Teema tableware series by Kaj Franck.

The new tableware will be available for a limited time from 6th October 2023 until the end of March 2024, or until stock lasts. The new seasonals will come out for sale in the Moomin Shops online and offline, at Iittala stores,, and widely at resellers around the world.

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