Delivery charges and estimated delivery times

Pick-up point

Delivery to your local post office or other pick-up point. The pick-up point is a packet handling place close to the address that you provide in the check-out. offers free shipping to a pick-up point with orders exceeding 150 €.

Finland, Sweden & Denmark 2 – 6 business days €4.90
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania & Germany 2 – 6 business days €8.50
Austria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Chech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia & United Kingdom 3 – 9 business days €8.50
Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal & Croatia 5 – 7 business days €8.50
Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece & Romania 6 – 8 business days €8.50
Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Iceland, Macedonia, Norway, Serbia & Switzerland 2-10 business days Smaller packages €8.50
USA, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, China and the rest of the world 1-4 weeks Smaller packages €9.90

Home delivery

Delivery directly to your home.

Finland, Sweden & Denmark 2 – 3 business days €13.50
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania & Germany 2 – 6 business days €14.50
Austria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Chech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia & United Kingdom 5 – 7 business days €23.00
Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal & Croatia 6 – 7 business days €30.00
Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece & Romania 6 – 8 business days €43.50
Countries outside of EU Pick-up point only

Customer Service

About us

Moomin Characters Oy Ltd is the official body responsible for Moomin copyright supervision. All of the Moominvalley characters are globally registered trademarks. You should contact Moomin Characters Oy Ltd in all general or copyright related matters.

Oy All Things Commerce Helsinki Ltd is the responsible party for the All Things Moomin website as well as the webshop and product related matters.

Webshop Contacts

Your questions and/or remarks are important to us so please do feel free to contact us at:

Our goal is to respond to your enquiry within 2 working days. If your message relates to an order then please include the order number in your email and if you’d like us to call you back then please include your phone number and order number as well.

Shipping & Delivery

Deliveries are not made on Saturdays, Sundays or on public holidays. A time slot cannot be specified with any of our delivery options. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of Sale. Currently we ship to all countries in the European Union and Norway, Australia, Japan, the US as well as many other countries. We will expand our logistics and when you do we will let you know. Please see our shipping table.

Your Account

We do NOT store any credit card details. If you want, you can choose to receive a newsletter on Moomin news, events and new products. We do not sell nor provide information to any third party and we are also generally nice people who don’t like spam any more than you do.

Terms of use

Yes, they can be found here.


Are you reliable?

Yes absolutely, we’re the Moomins! We’re a small group of people who run the site and do our utmost to provide everyone with the best Moomin experience possible. If you have any questions or concerns, you can always drop us a message.

Do you ship to my country?

We most likely do as we currently ship to most countries in the world. Is your country on the list?

How do you handle prices, taxes and deliveries to countries outside EU?

We have the same prices for all countries, so we do not deduct taxes from the prices even is we sell to countries outside of the EU. Please take into account that you may have to pay local VAT and customs duties for the products when you pick up the package from the local post office or pick up point.

Unfortunately we don’t deliver packages with Home delivery outside EU.

I have a discount code, how can I use it?

If you have a discount code, you can use it on the same page where you enter your card details. Enter the code on the field “Coupon code” and press enter. On the right side you will see the discount that you get with your code. You can only use one discount code per order.

How can I pay?

We currently accept payments by MasterCard, Visa and Visa Electron as well as Paypal. If you’re in Finland you can also pay using Klarna invoicing.

Do you store my credit card details?

Nope, we don’t store credit card details as all payment info is processed through our payment partners listed above.

But you store some user details?

We store your delivery address, shopping cart content, language and country. If you wish us to remove the information we have stored, please contact

Is buying from you safe?

Yes, absolutely. Any sensitive information is encrypted using a terribly complicated formula. We use Braintree as our payment gateway.

I bought something and I want to return it

Ok, we understand. Was it broken, not what you were expecting or was something else wrong with it? We are terribly sorry to hear that. Please send us an email at and we’ll sort it out.

Do you use cookies on your site?

Yes, cookies are vital to ensure that works properly for visitors. Please note that if you reject or block all cookies in your browser settings, you will not be able to take full advantage of as some cookies are necessary for the site to function properly.

I received a broken item, what should I do now?

We are sorry to hear that! Please take a picture of the parcel (so we can sort it out with our delivery service), and a picture of the broken item where the damage can clearly be seen. Email us at and we will sort it out!

Are there any more FAQ’s?

At the moment there aren’t. We’ll be adding real questions when we get them, feel free to ask us anything.