New Moomin initiative spreads the joy of reading and writing all around the world

The Reading, Writing and the Moomins initiative brings together charity organizations and companies all around the world. The aim of the initiative is to spread the joy of reading and writing in the life of children, youth and adults.

Reading, Writing and the Moomins” is a multiannual, international initiative with the aim to spread the joy of reading and writing around the world with the help of Moomin stories. A significant number of partners, from international charity and development organizations to publishers and libraries, has already joined the initiative. Together with these organizations and its license holders, Moomin Characters Ltd will offer tools and inspiration to spread the joy of reading and writing.

“We at Moomin Characters believe that language and storytelling are what make us humans special. It is language that distinguishes us from other species. The ability to express fears, dreams, the future and the past are central to humanity, and without a nuanced language we lose the connection to our feelings. The aim of this initiative is to spark a joy of reading and writing in people of all ages”, Tove Jansson’s niece and Creative Director of Moomin Characters Ltd, Sophia Jansson, comments.

“Language and storytelling are what make us humans special

“Tove Jansson’s magnificent alphabet illustrations and Moomin stories offer inspiring tools to promote reading and writing. By building different kinds of cooperation projects around them, we can build something truly significant with Tove’s cultural heritage”, Jansson continues.

Moomin Characters Ltd’s CEO, Roleff Kråkström tells that the idea for the initiative was originally conceived for two reasons: “First of all, we want to continue donating a part of the company’s income to charity organizations. We were thinking about what kind of an initiative could gain effectiveness all around the world. Second of all, Tove has created delightful alphabet illustrations that we haven’t utilized much so far. The hand-drawn alphabet together with her creative texts can truly highlight the opportunities of using letters.”

Tove Jansson has created delightful alphabet illustrations that we haven’t utilized much so far

The alphabet illustrations, created by Tove Jansson and expanded by Moomin Characters Ltd together with Kobra Design Agency, is based on maps of Moominvalley and illustrations of Moomin novels as well as illustrations made by Jansson for Unicef in 1981 and Red Cross already in 1963. Founder of Kobra Design Agency and Sophia Jansson’s son James Zambra and his colleagues at Kobra have had an essential role in the development of the alphabet concept. Kobra Design Agency has collaborated with Moomin Characters Ltd for years.

The alphabet has been opened for the use of the participating charity organizations and Moomin license holders. “Books, book circles, reading events as well as traditional Moomin products will be created based on Tove Jansson’s alphabet illustrations. The beautiful illustrations are a magnificent tool for spreading the significance of reading and writing in many different ways. The interest towards the initiative has been big both in the Nordic countries as well as the rest of Europe – and now also among our Asian partners”, Kråkström tells.

Reading, Writing and the Moomins is a multiannual international initiative, and initially the partners include Finnish Red Cross, Unicef, Pen International, Oxfam, The Children and Youth Foundation’s Read Hour, Svenska Folkskolans Vänner and a large number of Moomin license holders.