Read like the Moomins – ideas on how to take in more of the endless joys of books

We compiled ideas on how to read like the Moomins and take in more of the endless joys of books – inspired by the different Moomin characters. Which style would you like to test out next?

Snufkin: Enjoy the book and let your mind wander

Snufkin is easygoing and carefree, and he enjoys thinking about things. He always comes and goes as he pleases.

A real-life Snufkin probably wouldn’t create strategies for how to succeed in reading all the best books in the world during one’s lifetime and stack them into a spreadsheet (maybe someone more Snork-like would do that!). Rather, the Snufkinous way to read books would probably mean to grab a book that feels interesting and meaningful right now, at this very moment. It is also perfectly fine to let the mind wander inspired by what you just read!

Grab a book that feels interesting and meaningful right now, at this very moment!

Read like the Moomins


Moominmamma: Talk about the book with others

Moominmamma ensures that the Moominhouse is always a safe and loving place – both for her family and for visitors. She wants everyone to be happy and values everyone’s individuality. She also brings everyone together, whether it’s for pancakes or for a joint picnic.

A Moominmamma-like action point for anyone who wishes to find more joy in reading, might be to set up a book club (online works well too!) or to just simply talk about the book you’re reading at the moment.

When you share your thoughts about the book and maybe even ask or answer some questions about it, your understanding of it deepens – and you get more out of it.

And, as Moominmamma knows, shared experiences can be a lot of fun!

Moominpappa: Make notes about your readings

Moominpappa enjoys philosophical thinking and pondering life’s big issues –and often makes notes of his observations. Writing is very important to Moominpappa.

A rewarding Moominpappa-like way of reading books is to make notes of what you are reading! For example, if you spot an interesting sentence or a thought, underline it or write it down to a notebook dedicated to Inspiring Thoughts!

So it is: one of the many good reasons to read books is to learn something new that has the potential to make our lives better. By marking that important insight down somewhere you make sure that it isn’t left forgotten.

Write the best quotes down to a notebook dedicated to Inspiring Thoughts!

Read like the Moomins


The Muskrat: Make it a moment of your own

The Muskrat is a hairy philosopher with a moustache and long whiskers. He is very serious and prefers to spend time by himself – especially in the Moomin family’s hammock, reading his favourite book: The Uselessness of Everything.

Reading books in The Muskrat’s style might include a bunch of books on philosophy, but also making the moment into something of your own.

Find a place, like a sofa or a corner that makes you feel relaxed, and don’t let the world and its’ background voices disturb your very own reading moment. Whatever happens, it is your moment after all.

Most importantly: Read books!

Reading and writing help us live better and more fulfilling lives – and make us happier people! The new Moomin initiative, Reading, Writing and the Moomins, was founded to spread the joy of reading and writing. Find out more about it here.