Summer in the Moomin way – Moomin Arabia’s 2024 summer collections

This year, Moomin Arabia launches not only their annual Summer Seasonals tableware set but also a beach textile collection and an update to the tumbler range with new illustrations. The new summer collection equips you to enjoy the outdoors in your favourite ways – be it by the sea, at the summer house, in the garden, or on the beach. All items become globally available on 8 May 2024.

There can never be too much jam in Moomins’ pancakes

This year’s Moomin Summer Seasonals collection, ‘Berry Season’, preserves the summer’s harvest and memories. The tender shades of sage, lilac, and peach take your mind to those blissful summer afternoons when it’s nice to take a break from the heat in the cool shadows of the garden.

Moomin Arabia Summer 2024 set


In the illustration, the Moomin family is busy brewing cider and making jam from the red and black currants of the garden. Even though plenty of jam is already stored in the Moominhouse’s cellar, Moominmamma can’t resist making the most of the fresh berries – the Moomins sure love their pancakes with jam! Moomintroll and Snorkmaiden use a unique method for mashing the currants in a tub with their feet.

The illustration is adapted by Moomin Arabia’s in-house design team from two of Tove Jansson’s comic strips, Moominmamma’s Maid (1956) and The Conscientious Moomin (1958).

From the comic Moominmamma’s Maid
From the comic Moominmamma’s Maid
From the comic The Conscientious Moomin

The Berry Season collection continues with the theme of previous years’ seasonal dishes, where the Moomins do things together in nature.

Arabia 2024 summer mugs

A serving suggestion for warm summer afternoons: A wobbly stack of pancakes with homemade jam and a large pitcher of tangy, freshly juiced rhubarb lemonade.

Ahoy! The beach textiles call you to the seaside

Ready for the beach? The new Moomin beach textiles accessorise the whole family to an unhurried day at the seaside, on a boat, or at the summerhouse.

The stylishly checkered Moomin terry beach towel adds a larger variant to the Moomin towels collection – it’s the perfect size for laying on at the beach and wrapping into after a swim. The towel features Snorkmaiden enjoying a summer day absorbed in a book.

Moomin Arabia summer 2024


The Moomin hammam towel is very absorbent and light, dries quickly, and takes delightfully little space in a bag. The towel serves well as a picnic blanket or a sarong, too.

It’s decorated in the traditional hammam style with fringes and features an illustration of Moomintroll and Snorkmaiden mashing berries – the same one as the new summer seasonal dishes.

After swimming and some water sports, it’s convenient to wrap warming beach towels or ponchos around the kids. The plush cotton velour has a natural stretch to it, which makes it a comfortable material to move around while building a sand castle and enjoying other beach activities. A hood covers the ears when it’s windy. Both items feature Moomintroll and Moominpappa running for a swim.

For carrying all the damp beachwear and towels as well as everything from snacks and drinks to your favourite book, the collection also includes a velour beach bag.

Like all Moomin Arabia textiles, the new beach collection items are made of 100 % organic cotton.

A suggestion for a beach day with the family: Pack the bags with fresh fruit, savoury snacks, towels, water toys, and a beach umbrella, and take the whole family to spend a lovely day at a beach. Or steal a Mooment for some me-time in your comfort zone on the lakeside or at the pool reading a good book on your favourite hammam towel.

Summertimes are best when shared – Moomin glass tumblers’ colourful update

This summer, you can serve your guests refreshments from new Moomin glass tumblers. Replacing the previous water-themed illustrations, the updated tumblers feature larger scenes with Moomins and their friends spending time together outdoors. 

Moomin Arabia Summer tumblers


The new illustrations repeat the motifs from previous years’ Summer Seasonal collections: Going on Vacation (2018), Evening Swim (2019), Relaxing (2020), Together (2021), Fishing (2022), and Garden Party (2023). If you have these limited-edition dishes in your cupboard, the updated tumblers are a perfect match.

The tumblers have just the right size and design to fit the hands of both adults and children and they make a colourful impression in table settings from everyday to celebration.

A suggestion for a relaxed summer day with friends: Match the new tumblers with your Moomin Summer Seasonal dishes and arrange a lovely gathering at your garden or a picnic in a nearby park – how about preparing refreshing iced tea to go with a selection of sandwiches and cupcakes.


Available 8 May 2024

All Moomin Arabia summer seasonals and beach textiles become available from 8 May 2024 in the official Moomin webshop and stores, the Moomin Arabia webshop and stores, as well as widely from retailers.

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