2024 Moomin’s Day mug – a promise of spring

This year, spring arrives in August. Snufkin’s spring letter is a promise of his return to Moominvalley after his wintry wanderings. The 2024 Moomin’s Day mug depicts this eagerly anticipated moment in fresh colours. The mug will be available as a limited edition from Moomin’s Day on 9 August 2024.

“Sleep well. First warm spring day you’ll have me here again.”

The new mug celebrates Moomin’s Day for the seventh time. Named Spring, it’s the third mug in the Moomin’s Day mug collection that features an illustration of a particular season in Moominvalley. The first two from 2018 and 2021 depict summer and winter, so now it’s time for spring.

The Spring mug is illustrated by Tove Slotte.

2024 Moomin's Day mug

The wait is rewarded with a joyful reunion

Every year, before wandering south for the winter, Snufkin leaves Moomintroll a spring letter that brings comfort and promises the reunion of these best friends in spring. In the novel Moominland Midwinter (1957), Moomintroll wakes up in the middle of the hibernation. He finds Snufkin’s letter in its usual spot, on the cabinet in the Moominhouse’s salon, and reads it many times. To make up for the silence of the sleeping house, he even sings the message out loud.

“Cheerio, Sleep well.

First warm spring day you’ll have me here again. Don’t start the dam building without me.


In the mug’s illustration, snow has already melted, and the bright sun has attracted the first tulips and daffodils out – also Moomintroll and Snorkmaiden. On the turn side is the main star of the mug: Snufkin’s return from his winter wanderings to Moominvalley is a sign of spring’s arrival and an eagerly anticipated event, especially for Moomintroll. He gets to spend time with his best friend again.

2024 Moomin's Day mug pair

Snufkin from Tove Jansson’s aquarelle

For the new mug’s illustration, Tove Slotte re-drew Snufkin based on Tove Jansson’s original aquarelle piece and added flowers to his hat. The aquarelle illustrates a spring song in a Moomin songbook, originally published in Swedish in 1993 as Visor från Mumindalen.

Snusmumrikens vårvisa

Moomintroll, Snorkmaiden, the stream, and other elements on the mug Slotte picked from the comic story Moomin’s Winter Follies (1955). The daffodils are from Moominland Midwinter.

From the comic Winter Follies 1955

2024 Moomin’s Day mug available from 9 August

As usual, the new Moomin’s Day mug will be available as a limited edition on Moomin’s Day, 9 August. The swiftest can get the special mug for themselves at selected sales points.

The Moomin webshop and moominarabia.com will start online sales at 12pm EET. Physical stores (Moomin Shops, Moomin Arabia Stores and selected Iittala stores) will start their sales according to their normal opening times.

“We are expecting to see many keen Moomin mug fans and collectors, as always, on Moomin’s Day,” says Mirka Paasikangas, Global PR and Communications Manager for Moomin Arabia.

The mugs are available only as long as the limited stock lasts.

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FAQs about the new Moomin’s Day mug

When will the sale start and how many mugs will be sold?

The sale starts on Friday on 9 August 2024. The online sale will start at 12pm EET, whilst physical stores will start according to their opening times. There will be a limited batch of mugs, which will be sold as long as stock lasts.

Where can I buy the Moomin’s Day mug?

The mug will be available in the global Moomin webshop, as well as the official NorwayUK, Poland and Japan Moomin webshops. Moomin Arabia will also sell the mug online at moominarabia.com.

The mug will also be sold at these physical stores:

In Finland:

Moomin Shop Esplanadi, Helsinki
Pohjoisesplanadi 2, 00130 Helsinki

Moomin Shop Airport Flagship
Helsinki Airport, Terminal 2, Schengen area, near gates 20-21

Moomin Shop Airport Non-Schengen area
Helsinki Airport, Terminal 2, Aukio, non-Schengen area

Moomin Shop Lasipalatsi, Helsinki
The Moomin’s Day Mug will NOT be sold at Lasipalatsi this year

Selected Iittala stores

In Norway:

Moomin Shop Bergen
Bryggen 13, 5006 Bergen

Moomin Arabia Store Sandvika Storsenter
Brodtkorbsgate 7, 1338 Sandvika

Illums Bolighus (Bergen, Glasmagasinet, Stavanger, Trondheim, Vikaterrassen) 

In the UK:

Moomin Shop Camden
Camden Stables Market (Unit 20), Chalk Farm Road, London, NW1 8AH

In Poland:

Moomin Shop, Kraków
First floor, Podgórska 34, 31-536 Kraków

In Sweden:

Moomin Arabia Store Mall of Skandinavia
Stjärntorget 13 C, 169 79 Solna, Stockholm

Moomin Arabia Store Gothenburg
Vallgatan 22, 411 16 Gothenburg

Moomin Arabia store Arlanda airport (terminal 5)
Stockholm Arlanda Airport, 190 45 Stockholm-Arlanda

Selected Iittala stores

In Denmark:

Exclusively at Illums Bolighus

In Japan:

Selected Moomin Shops

Moomin Arabia Store Omotesando
GEMS Aoyama Cross 1F, 5-46-7 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku

Pop-up stores, Iittala stores and online shop Scope

In the US:

Selected retailers

How much does the Moomin’s Day mug cost?

The price of the Moomin’s Day mug is:

37.90€ / £27,50 / 399 SEK / 399 NOK / 289 DKK / 6000 JPY

Is there any limitation on how many mugs I can buy?

The number of items available is limited to 6 mugs per one buyer.

When will the mugs be shipped?

The mugs will be delivered on a first-come-first-served basis starting August 9. We anticipate a rush of orders and there will likely be delays in the shipping times listed in the Moomin webshops.

Can I reserve the mug in advance?

The mugs can’t be reserved in advance. If you want, you can sign up for the Moomin Shop email notification as a reminder of when the mugs are in stock – however, to make sure that you get the mug, the best approach is to be online 5 minutes before the launch with all the information required at checkout, ready to go. It is always possible that the notification will reach your inbox later than expected depending on the volume of emails and your email provider.

Is it possible that the mugs will be sold out immediately?

The mugs will be sold as long as the stock lasts. It is not possible to give an estimation on the availability, but the stock is limited and there will not be any additional stock after this campaign.

Will the mug be reserved for me when I add it to the cart?

No, items added to the cart in the Moomin online shop are not reserved. The item is only reserved for you after checkout.

What size is the mug?

The 2024 Moomin’s Day mug ‘Spring’ is 0.3l.

Where are the mugs manufactured?

Moomin mugs are manufactured in Thailand, as stated on the product label. A significant share of the work related to Moomin mugs, such as design, marketing and distribution, are carried out in Finland.