The 2023 Moomin’s Day mug journeys to the scenic archipelago

To celebrate Moomin’s Day on 9 August, Arabia will release a limited edition Moomin’s Day mug. The mug, based on Tove Jansson’s novel ‘Moominpappa at Sea’, features Moomintroll, Moominmamma, Moominpappa and Little My on a shore and portrays an island theme that is important in the Moomin stories.

A new Moomin’s Day mug, “Sea Breeze”, will be launched in honour of Moomin’s Day in August – and this year,  the launch is made even more special with the release of a platinum version of the mug, “Sea Breeze Platinum”, to celebrate Arabia’s 150th anniversary.

Unlike the Moomin’s Day mug, the platinum mug will only be available for purchase through a raffle held in June. Read more about the platinum mug further below in this article.

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The new Moomin’s Day mug will be available on 9 August, 2023, at 08:00 (UTC+3 Helsinki time) – but you can now sign up to be notified as soon as the mug is available. You can buy it from the official Moomin Shop online and offline, as long as stock lasts, with a purchase limit of 6 mugs per customer.


Moomin's Day mug 2023


The Moomin family enjoying the island life

On the mug, we see Moomintroll, Moominmamma, Moominpappa, and Little My on the shore. The design is based on Tove Jansson’s novel “Moominpappa at Sea” from 1965, where the Moomin family moves to a lighthouse island, as Moominpappa feels useless in the safe environment of Moominvalley. 

A wreath that decorated Tove Jansson’s fan letters

The illustrations adapted for the mug also decorated the writing paper Tove Jansson used to answer her fans.

The adaptation for the mug was created by the recently retired Tove Slotte – this year’s Moomin’s Day mug is her 100th Moomin mug design.

The mug shows a beautiful windy islet scenery with violets, wild roses, spiny sea buckthorns, and seashells as ink-blue illustrations on a white background.

Moomin's Day mug 2023


The scenery of the mug not only ties to the story of ‘Moominpappa at Sea’, but also to Tove Jansson’s own childhood and times spent in the Swedish and Finnish archipelago. Her family villa and its surrounding valley provided Tove Jansson with inspiration for both the Moominhouse and Moominvalley. The archipelago life became a symbol of freedom for her – a theme, which is also reflected in this year’s Moomin’s Day mug illustration.

The Moomin’s Day mug is sold and delivered in a beautiful gift box, which is adorned with the same atmospheric illustrations as the mug.

Moomin's Day mug 2023 box


A rare platinum version of “Sea Breeze” marks Arabia’s 150th anniversary

Founded in 1873, Arabia, one of Finland’s most well-known and respected brands, is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year. The Moomin mugs were produced at the Arabia factory in Helsinki until the 2010s, and the first mugs bear the Arabia mark on their base.

To acknowledge Arabia’s rich history, a rare platinum version of the Moomin’s Day mug will also be released in June 2023. This “Sea Breeze platinum” mug comes in just 5000 pieces and can only be purchased through a raffle.

Moomin's Day platinum mug


The platinum plated horseshow and oar details of the mug are applied by hand and resemble hidden treasures. Each mug has an exclusive platinum Arabia 150th anniversary stamp and item number on the base.

The raffle can be entered on Arabia’s website between 7.-13.6.2023. The raffle will be held at 08:00 on 13 June. The mug will not be available for purchase online or in physical stores – it can only be purchased by entering and winning the raffle.


The 2023 Moomin’s Day mug “Sea Breeze” will be available on 9 August, 2023, at 08:00 (UTC+3 Helsinki time). You can sign up to be notified as soon as the mug comes out for sale in the official Moomin Shop.