The long-awaited new Hemulen Moomin mug comes for sale in March together with a new Moominpappa mug

Moomin by Arabia’s Classics Collection showcases two novelty dish sets, Moominpappa and the Hemulen. The two beloved characters are occupied with their favourite chores and hobbies: Moominpappa is taking care of his family and home, and the Hemulen is chasing rare plant specimens. The mugs, plates and bowls will be available from March 7th.

Moominpappa shows his gentle and dutiful side

While often longing for adventures and telling stories about the courageous travels of his youth, Moominpappa is also a dedicated father who always does his best to take care of his duties. 

The new dishes feature Moominpappa preparing the Moominhouse for the winter, so the family stays warm during their hibernation. He makes sure the cold stays outside and the warm inside by insulating the windows with boards secured with nails. He also makes sure there’s enough firewood for the stove.

The illustrations are based on Tove Jansson’s comic Moomin winter from 1959 and are arranged on a charmingly subtle grey background colour with muted yellow in the details.

With the new dishes, the dark blue Moominpappa items have been discontinued but will be sold as long as stocks last.

Collector’s sense makes the Hemulen forget everything else

The long-awaited Hemulen returns to Moomin by Arabia’s Classics Collection in a set with delicious yellow, lilac, and bright green colours. The illustrations are based on Jansson’s novel ‘Finn Family Moomintroll’, originally published in 1948.

The Moomins have travelled to the Hattifatteners’ island. Immediately after the boat has landed, the Hemulen takes his collecting tin and magnifying glass and wanders into the woods in hopes of finding plants that nobody has yet discovered. Blinded by his enthusiasm, he even gets besieged by Hattifatteners without realising it, and Snufkin needs to save him.

The back of the mug and bowl features the Hemulen holding a dry branch that he will use for building a bonfire to dry his dress. The Hemulen got soaked in the rain while he was guarding the Moomins’ catch of the day, a huge Mameluke.

The Moomin stories feature many Hemulens

The Hemulen is not just one character but a group of tall, long-snouted creatures belonging to the Hemulen species. What they all typically seem to have in common, is that they like orderliness and are prone to obsessiveness. 

The Hemulen in the novelty dishes has not always been enraptured by nature; his original collectables are stamps. In the novel ‘Finn Family Moomintroll’, he completes his collection – not a single one is missing, which makes him melancholic. Moomintroll and Snorkmaiden try to suggest new things to collect, everything from decorations and seashells to film cards. Later, the Hemulen announces that nature studies is his choice and that he’ll start botanising and collecting the world’s finest herbarium.

“There are many different Hemulens in the Moomin novels and comics, and we have seen a few of them in Arabia’s items. One of them is an Inspector, one is enthusiastic about sports, and now we get the plant collector who is the same fellow that we have already seen on the previous Hemulen classic set where he’s studying tiny insects. He’s probably the most well-known Hemulen,” says Mirka Paasikangas, Global PR and Communications Manager for Moomin by Arabia.

Available from March 7th

Both the Moominpappa and the Hemulen sets include a mug (0.3 l), a plate (19 cm), and a bowl (15 cm). The items are sold separately and will become available from March 7th. You can already find the products on the webshop, leave your email address on the product page to be notified when the mugs, bowls and plates are in stock!