These Moomin products by Arabia will be discontinued in December 2022

Below you can find a list of Moomin by Arabia products that will be discontinued in 2022 and won't be in production anymore next year.

You can still find some of these products on the Official Moomin Shop – get yours before they run out!

Moominpappa mug

The dark blue Moominpappa set was released in 2014 together with the now-discontinued orange Moominmamma set. The Moominpappa mug has been one of the oldest Moomin mugs still in production.

Moominpappa bowl

The illustrations in the Moominpappa set are from Tove Jansson’s comics Moomin and Family Life and Moomin on the Riviera (both from 1955). However, the illustration of Moominpappa has been modified a bit, as you can see here.

Moominpappa plate

The entire Moominpappa set will be discontinued at the end of 2022. We still have some of the products left in the Moomin Shop, click here to start shopping!

Moominvalley Park Japan mug

The beautiful Moominvalley Park Japan mug was launched in 2019 when Moominvalley Park opened in Hanno, Japan. Moomin by Arabia will be revising the illustration of the mug in early 2023.

Summer and winter seasonals

And as always, the seasonal mugs, plates and bowls are only produced for a limited period of time.