Moomin winter mug 2016 by Arabia: Snowhorse

1.10.2016: Snowhorse



Moomin winter season series 2016 features Moomintroll, Hemulen, Sorry-oo and the Snowhorse from the book Moominland Midwinter (1957). The designs are based on Tove Jansson’s original artwork which Tove Slotte has interpreted in these lovely dishes.

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Moomin winter adventures continue

Arabia’s seasonal ceramics for 2016 bring excitement as the story of Moominland Midwinter develops in the illustrations on new bowls, mugs and spoons. In Tove Jansson’s tale, Moomintroll wakes from hibernation and learns about winter as well as himself. The adventure continues when he meets the snow horse. These new additions to the Moomin ceramic collection also reveal the wrinkled face of Sorry-oo, who is worried, as usual.

Winter prompts feelings of fear and joy

The new Moomin seasonal ceramics bring fear and joy through the story of the snow horse and the Lady of the Cold. Too-ticky, who never hibernates, has built a large snow horse to keep herself busy in the winter. The snow horse stands in front of the Moominhouse.

Moomintroll thinks it is a real horse and runs away in fright. He finds Too-ticky sitting on the railing of the bridge, where she sings a song about the snow horse. She explains her plan to pour water from the river over the horse to freeze it. When the horse meets the Lady of the Cold that evening, they gallop away, never to return.

Finally, the fear melts away, and all kinds of people show up in Moominvalley because the food supplies have run out in the other valleys. Somebody heard that there are rowan berries in Moominvalley and there are also rumours of a cellar full of jam. Sorry-oo the dog arrives wearing a tattered woollen hat. Hemulen, a sporty character brimming with enthusiasm, also shows up, and wants to teach Moomintroll to ski cross-country and downhill. Hemulen has always wanted a dog of his own, and he tells Sorry-oo how much he would like the dog to follow him wherever he goes. At the end of the story, Sorry-oo becomes Hemulen’s new friend.

Timeless dishes for both special occasions and every day

The colour scheme is subtle and relaxed, just like the previous two series for the winter season. In comparison with some of the other pictures on Moomin ceramics, the overall impression here is softer, with thin lines and grey shades.

Fans asked for a design with more subtle colours,” explains Nora Haatainen, Product and Marketing Manager for Arabia’s Moomin products. She adds that Moomin fans are eager to offer ideas and that it is great to be able to carry out their wishes. Winter ceramics can be mixed together or used in their own series.

Sorry-oo arouses sympathy, and this particular story is a splendid opportunity to present this lovely character for the first time,” says Haatainen.

These winter seasonals are available from 1 October 2016. The series include a mug, a bowl, miniature mugs and teaspoons. Ceramic artist Tove Slotte made the illustration, based on Tove Jansson’s original drawings.

Source: Fiskars