Moominvalley Season 3 Guide – All episodes now available in the UK!

Moominvalley season 3 brings the beloved Moomins and friends back to our screens for more fun and adventure! The third season is all about adventures and obstacles won with curiosity, enthusiasm and a great dollop of humour.

Your ultimate Moominvalley Season 3 guide is here – and soon is the series itself too! The article will be updated with more news and air dates along the way.

Moominvalley can be seen as a whimsical coming of age story of family and friendship, and the third season will revolve around themes of community. The quirky residents from all around the valley come to the Moomin family with their problems and questions, and together they harness to power of tolerance, kindness and caring to restore harmony to Moominvalley.

Moominvalley Season 3 Guide

When the Moomin family return from their Season 2 island sojourn, they find their beloved Moominvalley in chaos with the community divided. Only the Moomins’ offbeat approach to life and treasured values of acceptance and kindness can bring harmony back to the valley.

Moominvalley Season 3 Guide Moominhouse

The many quirky residents bring unexpected challenges for the Moomins to solve, such as an outlandish reverse heist, a perilous hot air balloon ride and a quest to find the stolen sun.



The Moomins face everything life throws at them with curiosity, enthusiasm and great humour.

In fact, if only we could all be a little “more Moomin”, wouldn’t the world be a greater place to live.

This season they are joined by two new characters, the enigmatic Snork and the lovable rogue Stinky, also returning favourites; uptight Mrs Fillyjonk, bombastic Mr Brisk, impulsive Mymble and the sweet and disaster-prone Misabel – and the Hobgoblin, the Hattifatteners and even Toffle!


Moominvalley Season 3 Guide Snork

Snork is Snorkmaiden’s brother – an expert builder who loves bashing and banging in his shed, creating astonishing and peculiar machines. Snork guest stars in six episodes of Moominvalley Season 3, one of them dedicated to his endeavours.


Moominvalley Season 3 Guide Stinky

Stinky may want to be seen as a mastermind crook, but he is really a lovable rogue who amuses the Moomins with his practical jokes and harmless crimes. He guest stars in five episodes of Moominvalley Season 3.

The Hobgoblin


The Hobgoblin is a powerful magician who wears a long red cape and a tall black hat. Legend has it that he rides a black panther through the sky and even into space. You will meet him in the episode Midsummer Magic.

The Hattifatteners


The peculiar Hattifatteners appear disinterested in all other beings and are not aggressive, but are electrically charged and can cause shocks powerful enough to burn off your hair (as Snorkmaiden discovers!). The Hattifatteners guest star in five episodes of Moominvalley Season 3. Fun fact – one of the Hattifatteners can actually be found in every single episode. Can you spot them?



Toffle might be shy and scruffy but also sweet. Prone to bouts of melancholy and irrational fears, Toffle is equipped with a greatly imaginative mind.

Toffle guest stars in three episodes of Moominvalley Season 3.

Watch the trailer of the first episode

The first episode of Moominvalley Season 3 is called Homecoming. In the episode, the Moomins return home to find a charismatic ‘wise leader’ telling everyone there should be no rules. Moominvalley is divided in chaos and it falls to Moominmamma to try to bring everyone together.

Season 3 is the Creative Director’s personal favourite

The award-winning series, voice-starred by Rosamund Pike, Jack Rowan, Matt Berry, and Jennifer Saunders, has been produced by a Finnish production company called Gutsy Animations. Marika Makaroff, the Creative Director and Executive Producer of the series, says that season 3 of Moominvalley is her personal favourite with its funny characters like Stinky and Snork the inventor.

The season also carries an important message: “Even though this is an animation, it can still inspire people to be engaged and care for each other.”

Where to watch: Moominvalley Season 3 guide

All episodes of the third season are now available in the UK. Watch Moominvalley Season 3 on Sky’s NOW TV here or on Sky Kids here!

The guide will be updated immediately when new information about the season is officially launched!

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