Everyone’s invited to the Moomins’ Garden party – summer mug 2023

This summer there'll be a party, and everyone is welcome! The 2023 summer season collection ’Garden Party’ is full of surprising encounters and the magic of friendship. The collection's illustrations are inspired by Tove Jansson's comic ”Moominvalley Turns Jungle”. The mug and plate are now available on the Moomin webshop.

The illustrations for the Moomin Arabia summer season collection revolve around a familiar theme: the Moomins’ summer holiday activities. This time, the Moomins are celebrating summer days together with tigers, their new friends who have escaped from the zoo. The style of the Garden Party collection is in line with the previous five summer collections. At the same time, Garden Party is the sixth and the last summer seasonal of the series featuring the Moomins in their various summer activities.

Unconventional Garden Party concludes the Moomins’ holiday theme

The main illustration of the Garden Party collection is from the comic “Moominvalley turns Jungle”, which was published in English in 1956. Its colour palette resembles that of the summer season mugs “Going on Vacation” (2018), The “Evening Swim” (2019) and “Relaxing” (2020). ”Going on Vacation” started a series that “Garden Party” now concludes, which explains the similarities in colouring, too.

As expected, the summer party of the Moomin Family is not quite like your usual party. In the story, they are hiding wild animals from the zoo in their garden.

“The illustrations of the seasonal collection showcase not just the summer atmosphere but also Tove Jansson’s sense of humour and her brilliant imagination. Moomin family’s anarchy is once again seen as they get friendly with the wild animals and help them to hide from the zoo keepers,”  illustrator Tove Slotte says.

Peculiar events spark a surprising friendship

The illustrations of the collection are from a certain scene in Tove Jansson’s cartoon “Moominvalley Turns Jungle.” In the story, as Little My finds exotic seeds that the Moomins throw here and there, a jungle abundant with fruit trees covers Moomin Valley overnight. Looking for an extra thrill, Stinky releases wild animals from a nearby zoo, and it looks like the Moomins could end up eaten by tigers. However, when the Moomins save the felines from being returned to captivity, they become friends. These rather surprising events are celebrated at a wonderful summer party in the Moomins’ garden.

moomin mug summer 2023

Available now!

The vividly illustrated seasonal collection is perfect for any occasion from summer festivities and picnics to casual afternoon tea and coffee settings with friends and family – not to mention garden parties!

The collection, which includes a mug (0.3l) and a plate (19cm), is now on sale.

Everyone’s invited to the Moomins’ Garden party!