Going on vacation – Arabia’s Moomin mug for summer 2018 leads to an adventure


Moomin mug, summer 2018: Going on vacation

Arabia’s seasonal Moomin mug for summer 2018, Going on vacation, is the first release of the six-part storytelling ceramics. The original drawings can be found from Tove Jansson’s comic Moomin’s Desert Island (1955). Like usually, seasonal Moomin mug, plate and spoons (Moominmamma and Moominpappa) will only be available for a limited time.

At the same time with the seasonal Moomin ceramics Arabia launches also two new minifigurines for collectors: Moominpappa and Moominmamma.


Creating expectations and waiting for the holidays

The Moomin family has decided to go on a summer trip to a deserted island. Everyone packs things important to them to bring along: swimsuits, fishing rods and of course food supplies and dishes – everything useful and useless to help make their trip fun.

A group of scientists is wondering what the Moomins are up to. Some of the scientists are tall, some are short, some old and some young. They wonder about the weather and how it’s going to change. The Moomin family doesn’t care about the scientists’ warnings and continues to pack. Moominpappa wants to fish and Moomintroll is planning to make pancakes.

This entertaining and humorous summer story is filled with anticipation and a sense of waiting. 


Favourites from the 90s make a comeback

A series of Tove Jansson’s partner, Tuulikki Pietilä’s ceramic minifigurines came out in the 1990s, and they were very popular among collectors. Last year, Arabia revisited the idea and brought back the figurines. The first two were Moomintroll and Snorkmaiden and this spring, they will be followed by Moominmamma and Moominpappa.


The novelties will be available for a limited time from 16 April 2018 onwards – leave your email address on the product page to be notified when the products are in stock:



Photos: Fiskars