How the Invisible Child campaign is making a difference

In March 2018 Moomin Characters Ltd donated 300 000 € for Oxfam with the Invisible Child campaign to help women and girls around the world. The money was raised through sales of over 40,000 copies of the special edition of the Invisible Child book sold in English, Finnish and Swedish. Now we are happy to present you the projects that the campaign has directly supported and how the money raised by the Invisible Child campaign is making a difference.

Moomin Characters let Oxfam decide where the money raised would be best used. This enabled Oxfam to allocate the money raised to a number of key projects and countries where Oxfam is working to support women and girls.

The funds raised by the campaign so far are helping Oxfam to:

  • support nearly 8,000 women survivors of sexual violence in Iraq to access support and have a voice in their communities
  • empower 20,000 young people in Bolivia to challenge the acceptance of violence against women
  • help thousands of women farmers in Rwanda to improve their incomes and become leaders in their communities
  • enable young women activists in Lebanon and South Africa to have the skills and opportunities to create change in their own communities

Honouring Tove Jansson’s legacy

Oxfam selected these projects not only as they were in need of support but also because Oxfam felt they honoured the themes of The Invisible Child and the author Tove Jansson’s own legacy – finding a voice after being mistreated, speaking up for what’s right, women as leaders within their communities, and encouraging the next generation of change makers.

The Invisible Child campaign will continue to raise money for Oxfam also in the future, with the book and other products still available to buy from Waterstones, Oxfam, and the Moomin Shops in Finland and England.

On behalf of the women and communities that you are helping, thank you for all buying the Invisible Child products and the companies who contributed to the campaign: Moomin Characters, Sort Of Books, Waterstones, WSOY, Förlaget, Star Editions, Fiskars, Finlayson, Opto, Macmillan Children’s Books and the Moomin Shops in Finland, England and online.

Let’s share the story of the Invisible Child and help more women to tackle poverty and access their rights!

Featured image: © Moomin Characters™