Moominmamma’s equality and love – Oxfam Unwrapped gift


In September the Moomins, represented by Moomin Characters Ltd, and Oxfam announced a new partnership to help women and girls around the world fight inequality and escape poverty for good. The partnership centres around The Invisible Child, a short story by Moomin creator Tove Jansson.

Besides the book and other Invisible Child products, Oxfam recently launched Moominmamma’s equality and love Oxfam Unwrapped gift. When you buy Moominmamma’s equality and love you can be confident that the real gift will be sent to where it’s needed most.


Moominmamma’s equality and love


Moominmamma knew that everyone has the power to be extraordinary – just like Ninny, from the classic Moomin tale The Invisible Child.

Feeling ignored and alone, Ninny’s body turned pale and faded away. It wasn’t until she was shown kindness and respect from the fair and caring Moomin family that she gradually reappeared and took her place in the world.


But around the world today, you’re more likely to be poor and powerless if you’re a woman – and you’re more likely to feel invisible.

But Oxfam Unwrapped gift is changing all that.

It’s helping Oxfam empower women to earn a living, understand their rights and escape discrimination. It’s getting more girls into school, helping more women develop skills and it’s fighting attitudes that can stifle women’s potential.

Because, just like Ninny, everyone should have the chance to make their mark.

Moominmamma’s equality and love gift supports Oxfam’s Investing in the Future (IN) projects. (Text source: Oxfam)

For more information on the Invisible Child campaign and the Moominmamma’s equality and love Oxfam Unwrapped gift, please visit and follow #TheInvisibleChild on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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