Limited edition Moomin skis – PUSU brings Tove Jansson’s original artwork to premium Finnish alpine skis

PUSU has created a limited edition set of Moomin skis with Tove Jansson’s original illustrations from the novel Moominland Midwinter. The skis are now available in PUSU’s webshop together with Moominous hoodies for children and adults!

The limited-edition collection consists of handmade skis for slopes and backcountry, manufactured in a limited batch of 50 pairs. Each pair is numbered, making the skis unique collectables. The slope ski Kelo is an easy ski for all groomed slopes whereas the all-mountain ski Abisko is perfect for varying conditions and backcountry ski touring.

PUSU is a Finnish brand, which aims to create the best and most sustainable skis in the world. PUSU’s philosophy is to maximize the use of natural materials in all its products. In addition to the full wood core and real wood top sheet in the entire line-up, the Abisko model has an innovative new structure that replaces traditional enforcement fibres of carbon fibre and fibreglass with sustainable SPINNOVA® fibre.

PUSU designs and manufactures all its skis and snowboards in its own workshop in Jyväskylä, Finland. 

‘It’s called skiing. It makes you rush ahead fast, like lightning, in a cloud of whirling snow, and you’ve got to look sharp, or else.’

-Moomintroll, from the book Moominland Midwinter (1957)

The collection also includes a relaxed hoodie with a print of Moomintroll on skis for the first time. The hoodie is responsibly made by Pure Waste, from 100% recycled materials. The hoodie is available for both kids and adults.

With laser-carved Moomin illustrations

In Tove Jansson’s Moominland Midwinter, Moomintroll wakes up in the middle of the winter and finds himself stranded and alone in a mysterious world blanketed with snow. With the help of the wise Too-ticky and the fearless Little My, Moomintroll begins to explore the glittering new landscape. He also meets a Hemulen who loves winter and tries to teach Moomintroll how to ski.

The illustrations from Moominland Midwinter come alive in the skis. On Abisko skis, Moomintroll pushes through a blizzard, and on Kelo skis, he marvels at crown snow-loaded trees formed by harsh conditions. Both models also bear a fun detail: a squirrel hopping on the snow surface. The illustrations have been engraved onto the wood with a laser, beautifully preserving the natural wood grains and the details of Tove Jansson’s original artwork. 

All-mountain ski Abisko

Abisko SPINNOVA®  is a versatile ski for all-mountain adventures. The skis are enforced with the revolutionary SPINNOVA® fibre, bringing a smooth and natural performance with minimal carbon footprint. SPINNOVA® is a 100% biodegradable new, sustainable material made of wood or waste, without any harmful chemicals.

The Abisko SPINNOVA® ski is easy to turn, energetic yet refinely dampened. Even on rough, uneven snow, the ski acts naturally and comfortably. You can trust the Abisko in any condition!

Slope ski Kelo 

The Kelo ski is a sustainable choice for every slope skier. The ski has a dynamic tip and a fairly narrow waist, making it highly responsive and agile. It performs well at high speed as well! The 84-millimetre wide ski with a radius of 16 meters is easy to drive into turns, both small and big ones. 

The skis are made to order, and the delivery time is approximately 4 weeks. Order your limited edition PUSU x Moomin skis on PUSU’s website

Psst.. You’re welcome to come check out the skis and purchase a hoodie at Moomin Shop Lasipalatsi in Helsinki this Saturday, March 26th! PUSU will be visiting the store between 12 pm and 4 pm.