Moominsummer Madness takes centre stage in Helsinki’s new Moomin Shop

Embark on a literary adventure in the new Moomin flagship store opened in Helsinki, Finland, on 17 November 2023. The new concept store, inspired by Tove Jansson's Moominsummer Madness (1954), is an unforgettable visit that will hold the world's largest assortment of Moomin products.

When a flood sweeps through Moominvalley, the Moomins save themselves on board a house that comes floating by. It looks normal enough, but there are curtains where a wall should be, strange rows of lights, and other odd amenities: it is a floating theatre! The only sensible thing to do is to put on a show – and what an adventure it turns out to be…

Now, unlike in Tove Jansson‘s cherished classic, Moominsummer Madness (1954), the theatre has floated its way to the very core of Helsinki, Finland. Located in the Swedish Theatre building right across the street from the iconic Academic Bookstore, a new flagship Moomin Shop, designed based on the classic Moomin book, opened its curtain doors on Friday, the 17th of November 2023. 

Moomin Shop Esplanadi



“Moomin Shop Esplanadi is a concept store that will serve as a beacon for dedicated Moomin fans and a place where new enthusiasts can find inspiration from the Moomin stories. We aim to keep making this an unforgettable, warm-hearted destination that embodies the spirit of the Moomins and surprises visitors pleasantly again and again,” says Jonas Forth, who heads the Moomin Shops.

“We want to make sure on our part that city centres are vibrant and do not become concrete deserts. By opening Moomin Shop Esplanadi, we aspire to contribute to the city centre to be for people, for experiences, and as beautiful and inspiring environments. We cannot think of a better location than in the same building with the Swedish Theatre and right across Stockmann, Academic Bookstore”, Roleff Kråkström, the CEO of Moomin Characters Oy Ltd adds.

Highlights of the new Moomin Shop Esplanadi include:

⭐  Store design inspired by a Moomin Book: Step into a space inspired the colours, excitement and magic of Moominsummer Madness. The store’s design, decor and vast product assortment transport visitors to the Moomin universe.

⭐  World’s largest Moomin product assortment: Discover the biggest selection of Moomin products, from collectibles and clothing to accessories and home decor. Moomin Shop Esplanadi will be a treasure trove for Moomin fans, offering exclusive items and limited-edition releases as well.

⭐  A room full of Moomin Arabia’s most popular Moomin items: Explore the gorgeous Moomin Arabia textiles designed for everyone with a soft spot for the Moomins, or find a new Moomin mug or bowl to give you joy in your everyday Mooments of Magic.

⭐  Moominsummer Madness window displays: Stroll by the eventful and colourful window displays, each designed to bring the iconic book Moominsummer Madness (1954) to life. These displays will offer a glimpse into the adventures of the Moomins, setting the scene for a fun shopping experience.

⭐  Character Meet & Greets: High-five and hug your favourite Moomin characters in person, enjoy the stories coming to life, and take photos!

⭐  Special Moomin Shop Events: Look for special events and promotions throughout the year. Whether it is a sneak peek of a highly anticipated new Moomin collectible, a lovely story hour for the kids, or a panel discussion about the Moomin literature, Moomin Shop Esplanadi will be your go-to Moomin spot in Helsinki. Follow official Moomin channels to hear about the next Meet and Greets and special events.

Moomin Shop Esplanadi

Moomin Shop Espa

Moomin Shop Espa


Where literature meets decor: interior design inspired by a Moomin book

The new flagship store promises to be a one-of-a-kind destination that will make both younger and older Moomin fans smile, and enchant newcomers.

Moomin Shop Esplanadi is inspired by the world of Moominsummer Madness and the design by Interior Architecture Carola Rytsölä Oy Ltd is captivating. “With this store design, we wanted to pay tribute both to the historical location of the Swedish Theatre, as well as to Moominsummer Madness, which tells a brilliant story about finding oneself and one’s dreams – through the art of theatre”, says Carola Rytsölä, who designed the store together with interior architect Auli Karttunen.

moomin shop espa


“For example the floral wallpaper of the ceiling is inspired by the midsummer flowers of the story, the blue colour comes from the cover of the book and the water element of the story. The space will also include two spaces inspired by the theatre stage, and the round elements around the store are inspired by the pearls of the stage, made into lightbulbs”, Carola Rytsölä adds. “We wanted the store to give a feeling of adventure, mystique and magic, just as Tove Jansson’s literary universe gives.”


The large windows facing one of Helsinki’s busiest shopping streets have also been designed based on the iconic book Moominsummer Madness (1954). Currently, the colourful, eye-catching windows portray two major scenes from the story, featuring Snufkin, Little My, the Park Keeper, and Hattifatteners. The windows have been designed by Kobra Agency.


Moomin Esplanadi


Interestingly, in 1949, a few years before Moominsummer Madness was published, the first ever Moomin theatre play premiered in the exact same building of the Swedish Theatre: Comet in Moominland, directed by Vivica Bandler. In Moominsummer Madness, one can find many fascinating references to theatre – for example, that a catastrophic dress rehearsal actually guarantees an excellent premiere, just as it happened in real life for Tove Jansson’s first Moomin play at the Swedish Theatre.

Johan Aalto, Chairman of the Foundation for the Swedish Theatre in Helsinki/New Theatre House Limited Company in Helsinki, is pleased with the upcoming tenant.

“We welcome Moomin Shop as a new tenant in our cultural house and look forward to developing the building with them in an increasingly sustainable direction,” says Aalto.

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Opening hours of the Moomin Shop Espa: 

Mondays: 09-20
Tuesdays: 09-20
Wednesdays: 09-20
Thursdays: 09-20
Fridays: 09-20
Saturdays: 10-19
Sundays: 10-18


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