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Since Tove Jansson created the Moomins, the wonderful art and stories continue to capture hearts in many forms, from books to TV adaptations to mobile games and global products. To make sure you never miss the magic of the Moomins, follow Moomin Official on these channels online!

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What can I find on the Moomin website? was launched in 2013, and serves as the main source of Moomin content and news.

✨ On the Moomin website, you’ll find extensive information about all the different characters, Moominvalley, as well as the history of the Moomins

✨ You can find things you perhaps never knew about the Moomins and stay in the know also through the blog. Here, you’ll find frequently published articles, from different events and Moomin locations to new products and Moomin trivia.

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Moomin Official can also be found on all major social media channels. Moomin Official’s first ever social media post was in 2012!

✨ Nowadays, the Moomin social media brings you weekly videos of both the old and new animation series, new products available globally, interesting information and bits of history related to the Moomins and Tove Jansson, and much more.

✨ On the Moomin Official Youtube channel, you can access all (English) episodes of the ‘90s series The Moomins, all episodes of The Moomin Phenomenon podcast, music and behind-the-scenes for Moominvalley, mini documentaries and fun short videos.

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🎨 Tove Jansson website and social media

Did you know there’s also a website dedicated to Tove Jansson? The site gives you insight into Tove’s vibrant life, treasures from the archives and a gallery of Tove’s beautiful work.

Tove Jansson Instagram – @tovejanssonofficial
Tove Jansson Facebook – @tovejanssonofficial