Moomin Ice Cave invites you on a wintery adventure

This year’s exhibition in the Moomin Ice Cave is called “Winter Secrets”. The exhibition is filled with amazing ice sculptures and fun wintery activities.

The popular Moomin Ice Cave, located in Leppävirta, Finland, has again opened its doors for Moomin fans of all ages! 

This year’s exhibition is based on a story from the Moominvalley animation series. Moominmamma and Moominpappa are about to go into hibernation when the police inspector knocks on the door. Stinky has escaped and the tracks lead to Moominhouse. In addition, Mrs Fillyjonk decides to visit the Moomin family, which means that there’s no time for sleep – adventures await! 

“Many of our visitors have asked us to include Stinky in the exhibition and now we finally have a story where he’s with”, tells Esa Salmiheimo, Managing Director of Vesileppis.

From the video above you can see what the Ice Cave looked like last year

A winter wonderland 30 meters underground

The Ice Cave is located 30 meters underground in a skiing arena. The exhibition consists of ice sculptures and various winter activities, such as a slide from a castle, a snow tube, and a whip sledge. The temperature in the cave is -3 degrees Celsius all around the year.

The frozen winter wonderland is carved by the best ice sculptors in the world. Let your imagination run wild in the wonderful exhibition!