Moomin Family Tree


Moomin Family tree_Moomin_english

In the book Moominpappa’s memoirs it’s told how Moominpappa was found in a shopping bag on the doorstep of the Moomin Foundling Home. Moomin stories do not say anything about Moominpappa’s parents and neither does the Moomin family tree by Tove Jansson. Aunt Jane (in Finnish Mimmi-täti) is the rich and cranky sister of Moominpappa’s mother who appeared in the comic Moomin and family life.

Hemulin täti_Muumipappa
Hemulen and Moominpappa as a child

Aunt Jane in the comic Moomin and family life /
Tove Jansson 1955

Moominpappa’s and Moominmamma‘s first encounter is also in the book Moominpappa’s memoirs where Moominpappa saves his future spouse from the stormy sea. In his memoirs, Moominpappa was walking on the beach on a stormy night when he saw a character in the water. With some supernatural strength Moominpappa managed to save this Moomin woman. Moominmamma’s parents or possible siblings are not introduced in the Moomin stories or in the family tree.

The first encounter of Moominmamma and Moominpappa

Moomintroll is the only biological child of Moominmamma and Moominpappa. In addition to the adopted children Sniff and Little My, also Snorkmaiden, Snufkin and Mymble (younger) occasionally live in the Moominhouse as equal family members. From his father Moomintroll has inherited the adventurous and romantic nature. On the other hand Moominmamma and Moomintroll share a special relationship and Moomintroll trusts his mother more than anyone else.


The ancestors are presented in the Moomin stories as ancient moomins who used to live behind the tile stoves in people’s homes. Also snorks, Snork and Snorkmaiden, are related to moomins. One special characteristic of snorks is that they change colour according to their mood while the moomins are always white.

Ancestors behind the tile stove in the first Moomin book,
The Moomins and the Great Flood

Next coming up: Snufkin’s (and Mymble’s and Little My’s) as well as Sniff’s family tree.