Snork is the Snorkmaiden’s diligent and ingenious brother. He’s exceptionally talented at building new machines and coming up with new inventions. The residents of Moominvalley often ask Snork for help in solving tricky problems.

Snork is also good with his hands and sometimes constructs his own complex inventions in his workshop. It was here that he built his bizarre flying contraption. As an avid reader, Snork researches things for himself and then passes on his knowledge and observations to others.

When required, Snork rolls up his sleeves and skilfully organises even the most demanding of projects. Precision is crucial to him. He won’t hesitate to explain how he thinks problems can be solved, which is why he’s considered a bit of a know-it-all.

Snork has a fringe and wears square-framed glasses. Like his sister, Snorkmaiden, he also changes colour according to his mood. We first meet him in the book Comet in Moominland.