Collector’s treasures: new Moomin Collector’s plates and mini mugs coming for sale in September!

Arabia’s collection of Moomin Collector’s plates and mini mugs is growing. In addition, new, bigger Moomin mugs are coming for sale!

The illustrations on the two new collector’s plates are Christmas from 2004 and Drawing from 1996. Collector’s plates have been released two at a time since 2014, and they are produced to create a pair with previously released Moomin mugs. Altogether 14 different Collector’s plates have now been published.

moomin collector's plates

The illustration on the Christmas plate is from 2004. It features little Toffles gathered around the Moomins’ Christmas tree. The Moomin family hears about Christmas for the first time. They mistakenly believe Christmas is a dangerous character who will be arriving soon and needs to be appeased with decorations, candles and food. The Moomin family hide under the table and wait for Christmas, but Christmas does not come – instead, a group of tiny little Toffles arrive. They admire the decorations and climb all over the Christmas tree. The illustration of the Christmas collector’s plate features a Christmas tree from one of Tove Jansson’s watercolour paintings and the short story The Fir Tree from 1962.

moomin collector's plates

The illustration Drawing was first released in 1996 and depicts Mymble’s children drawing on a wall, and Moominmamma walking in on them. Moomintroll wants some peace and quiet and starts to build himself a house of his own, but he falls while painting the ceiling of the house. Moominpappa, in turn, is grudgingly drawing pictures of Nibling, who only wants pictures of himself. The illustration on the collector’s plate Drawing is based on two comic strip stories: Moomin Winter from 1959 and Moomin Builds a House from 1956.

moomin collector's plates

The plates will be sold in gift sets of two plates, with one of each plate. The plates will come for sale on September 1st.

The inhabitants of Moominvalley featured in new mini mugs

In autumn 2021, six new designs will be added to the series of mini mugs: Too-ticky, Hattifatteners, Little My, Mymble, Sniff and Moomin Inspector. The latest series of mini mugs originally appeared as Classic mugs in 2006–2009.

The first six miniature Classic mugs were released in the autumn of 2019. They are mini-sized versions of their role models, the Teema-shaped Classic mugs. The Moomin family can already be found frolicking in a series of a dozen mini mugs, and now, they will be joined by six more mugs, featuring the inhabitants of Moominvalley. 

The mini mugs and Collector’s plates are coming for sale on the Moomin webshop on September 1st.

Moomin mugs now also available in a bigger size

Arabia’s popular Moomin mugs Blue and Yellow are now available in a new, bigger size – 0.4l. The Yellow and Blue Moomin mugs were first added to Arabia’s catalogue in 1990. The illustrations on the mugs are based on Tove Jansson’s comic strip stories and novels, which Slotte has adapted to create the designs on the dishes. Now Slotte has rearranged the original design to fit the bigger mug size.

The long-awaited bigger mugs will be available in K-Citymarkets in Finland on September 15th and on the Moomin webshop in December. 

Take a look at all Arabia’s Moomin products available on the Moomin webshop here!


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