Arabia unveils several Moomin surprises: these are the new Moomin plates and mini mugs

The collection of special edition Moomin plates adds two – only one third remaining

There’s now already a dozen of Arabia’s collector’s plates, as the collection just grew by two. The collector’s plates have been released in sets of two since 2014, and the artwork is always paired with already released mugs. The illustrations are created by Tove Slotte, based on the original artwork by Tove Jansson.

This 2019 edition features Yellow from 1990 and Hooray from 2012, when Helsinki celebrated its title as that year’s Design Capital.

The Yellow plate illustration is a collage of Moominmamma and features everyday chores.


The delicate color of the plate …..



The Yellow mug, issued in 1990, also goes by the name Yellow mug, Moominmamma. The original illustrations that the mug is based on can be found in the comic #18 Moomin and the golden tail (1958) and the novels Moominsummer madness (1954) and Moominpappa at sea (1965).


The Hooray artwork shows festivities and lots of characters partying. Parties are a counterweight to the everyday life and they always find a good reason to party.





The plate is based on the Hooray mug launched in 2012, which celebrated Helsinki’s role as the design capital of the world. Arabia’s artist and illustrator Tove Slotte chose the artwork out of the book Who Will Comfort Toffle? from 1960. The drawing of Moominvalley inhabitants dancing in a park fits the theme of celebrating well.


The Hooray mug was only available during the year of Helsinki’s World Design Capital status in 2012 and it was only sold by official WDCH 2012 partners. Since the mug was limited it has since become a sought after collector’s piece.

The plates will only be sold in Finland and Japan, in packages of two with one plate of each artwork.


Here are this late summer’s expected product news by Arabia. September brings the new Sleep Well mug, collector’s mini versions of classic Moomin mugs and two anticipated special edition plates.


Mini versions of classic Moomin mugs

Arabia has brought joy with their Moomin mugs coupled with delightful Moomin artwork and stories for 30 years, starting with the so called character mugs in 1999.

The mugs were born out of the idea to present the characters in Moominvalley to a larger audience in a new way, emphasizing distinct characteristics in the different personas. Tove Slotte, who has created most of the Moomin mugs, worked on the illustrations, drew the outlines and selected the coloring.

For the first character mug series, Tove Slotte chose Moomintroll, Moominmamma and Moominpappa and the adopted Little My – all members of the Moomin family.

These first mugs from 1999-2002 are now launched this fall as sweet mini mugs, miniatures of their larger counterparts. The first set of six mugs features the most well known characters from Moominvalley, Moominmamma, Moominpappa, Moomintroll, Snorkmaiden, Little My and Snufkin. The series will be sold from September 2019, in gift sets in series of six.

Moomin mini mugs by Arabia 2019