New collectables from Arabia

Arabia’s series of Moomin collectors’ plates will grow when the seventh and eighth plates become available in autumn 2017. Collectors’ plates have been designed to pair with mugs that were issued over the years with a similar picture.  This year’s plates are illustrated with ‘Night Sailing’, released to celebrate the sixty-fifth anniversary of the Moomins in 2010, and ‘Peace’, first printed on a mug in 1996.

Collectors’ plates inspired by the mugs

Arabia’s Moomin dishes are famous for their collectability. In 2014, Arabia decided to answer collectors’ requests, and begin to release plates illustrated with popular mug themes. The plates are just like the mugs – exceptional pieces of art to collect or use every day. The first two plates were issued in 2014, and after that, two new plates have been brought out each year.

Arabia’s seventh and eighth collectors’ plates have been produced along the same guidelines as the previous ones. The pictures are famous and popular: ‘Peace’ from 1996 and ‘Night Sailing’ from 2010. 

Peace’ shows plain collage style

The illustration ‘Peace’ is from Arabia’s production of Moomin ceramics in the 1990s, when a collage of Moomin characters were displayed in black and white on a colourful background. After a long break, Arabia began making Moomin products again in 1990, and people started collecting them. It started as a hobby for just a few, but excitement grew fast and it’s now a favourite pastime for many people. In the twenty-first century, mugs from the 1990s have become one of the most popular Moomin collectables. The ‘Peace’ mug was sold between 1996 and 2002. 

Night Sailing’ adored by Japanese

The illustration ‘Night Sailing’ was designed in 2010 to celebrate the sixty-fifth anniversary of the publication of Tove Jansson’s first Moomin novel, The Moomins and the Great Flood. The sea was close to her heart, so Arabia and Moomin Characters (the Moomin copyright organization) chose the Baltic Sea as a theme to commemorate the 65-year-old Moomins. ‘Night Sailing’ was the picture, and it was surprisingly popular: it became the mug most sought after in Japan.

Arabia’s two new Moomin collectors’ plates will be available in September 2017. The plates are sold together as a pair in a special gift package.  Leave your email address by clicking this link – and you’ll be notified when the plates are in stock! 

Last chance for the collector’s edition plate 2-pack 2016: