11 March 2016


Tove Jansson has drawn absolutely lovely wreaths during her career.

Draft for the book cover of the Finn Family Moomintroll

Finnish postal service used the same picture in their letter in the 90s.

Moomin wreath_Muminpappans bravader cover
The cover of the first edition of the book
Muminpappans Bravader

Moomin wreath_letter
Wreath for the Moomin letter by the Finnish postal service

Moomin wreath_Tuulen laulu
Cover by Tove Jansson for the “Tuulen laulu” record
published in 1972

In 1990-1994 Arabia produced a children’s tableware set with a wreath designed by Tove Jansson. Arabia’s ceramic illustrator Tove Slotte modified the original picture for the plate and chose the colouring for the design.

Moomin wreath_2
The original design by Tove Jansson

“I wanted to have more of the main characters for the plate design, so I removed the bat, fish, the Joxter, girl and the snake, and replaced them by Snufkin, Snorkmaiden and Moominpappa” Tove Slotte says.

The plate underneath is one of the first models of the plate for the children’s set and Tove Jansson herself asked Slotte to change the colouring of the Gaffsie’s flowers and Salome’s dress. The plate which ended up to production features Gaffsie and Salome with whiter dresses. Some test versions may have been on sale, maybe you can find this kind of rarity in your cupboard?

Moomin children plate by Arabia

Here are also two wreaths which origins are unfortunately unknown.

Moomin wreath_3

Moomin wreath_moomin names

Which one is your favourite?

If you know any other wreaths by Tove Jansson, you can send the pictures to hello(a)moomin.com.


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