Murals by Tove Jansson in Hamina, Finland

Tove Jansson’s mural A Story from the Bottom of the Sea was completed for the Clubhouse in Hamina in 1952 portraying the sea. Another painting from the 1952 presents the history of the city of Hamina. Both murals were ordered by the city of Hamina to celebrate its 300th Jubilee in 1953.

Mural by Tove Jansson_1952 hamina_Tarina Merenpohjasta

Mural by Tove Jansson_1952 hamina

Haminassa taiteilijan signeerauksen yhteyteen, seinämaalauksen nurkkaan, on maalattu pieni Muumipeikko.

The last picture is from the bottom right corner of the historical mural. Tove Jansson has painted a tiny Moomintroll next to her signature.

Photos: Juha Metso/HS.

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