An unique altarpiece by Tove Jansson

Elsi Borg, the architect of the Teuva Church ordered an altarpiece for the church from Tove Jansson. Tove painted the altarpiece directly onto the wall of the church in summer of 1953 after spending the entire spring planning and preparing her work. The altarpiece Ten Virgins is the only altarpiece Tove ever painted.

Eteläpohjalaisen Teuvan kirkon alttaritaulu Kymmenen neitsyttä (1954) on ainoa Tove Janssonin tekemä alttarimaalaus.

Teuva Church_Elsi Borg_Tove Jansson
The architect Elsi Borg (left), Tove Jansson (second left)
at the Teuva Church inauguration in 29th November 1953.
Photo: The archive of Eeva Niemi 

Teuva is a municipality in Western Finland and the church is still in use.


Tove Jansson_Teuva Church

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