Rosamund Pike, the voice for Moominmamma, charmed the Moominvalley world premiere audience with her Moominous nails

Rosamund Pike, the voice for Moominmamma in the new Moominvalley TV series, charmed the world premiere audience in Helsinki, Finland, with her playful Moominous nails.

As the excitement continues to grow around the new Moominvalley TV series, the voice cast, the production team and international media came together to celebrate the official world premiere Friday night in Helsinki, Finland.

Rosamund Pike, who does the voice for Moominmamma in Moominvalley went the extra mile and indulged in Moomin mania all the way out to her finger tips. Tiny little Moomin figures decorate her fingertips: Moominpappa, Moominmamma and Moominous flowers on her fingers. They not only looked nice, some of the figures even turned 360 degrees on her nails. One of the figures also include her initials “RP”.

“I did this in honour of the Moomins. I’m very proud of my role as Moominmamma, and I think it’s important we remember that adults can play too”, Rosamund Pike explains to The nails are made by a friend of Rosamund’s called Lee Moore – a Moomin fan herself as well.

Rosamund Pike Moominvalley Nail

Moominvalley Rosamund Pike Nails Closeup

Rosamund Pike Moominvalley Nails


Photo credits: Moomin Characters