Moominworld Naantali: the ultimate guide for a fun day

Visiting Moominworld makes for a unique day - you get to relive the Moomin stories and experience the authentic Finnish archipelago that also inspired Tove Jansson. In Moominworld, your age doesn’t matter - you’ll be sure to find adventures and fun things to do! So, dive into this detailed guide to Moominworld in Naantali, and plan an epic visit.

Moominworld Naantali was opened in 1993, on a summer day, when Tove Jansson, the creator of the Moomins, received the first key to the park. Over 30 years later, Moominworld remains a popular summer destination for the serious and less serious Moomin fans around the world. People have even gotten married in Moominworld!

Magic Bracelets

First things first, to experience the theme park to the fullest, you should get a Magic Bracelet at the entrance. It gives you access to personalised experiences at some of the attractions.

🌟 Whenever you spot a board with a picture of a seashell, touch it with your bracelet and wondrous things start to happen!

Moominworld also has an app, where you can follow the site map and check performance schedules.

Moominworld attractions

New in 2023!

Snorkmaiden’s Beauty Salon

At this new attraction, right next to the Moominhouse, you can transform into Snorkmaiden and other favourite characters with face paintings, ear headbands or different hairstyling. Whichever treatment you decide to go for, it’ll be a fun and relaxing experience! 

Moominworld Beauty Salon


☝️ Keep in mind that Snorkmaiden’s Beauty Salon is open at different hours between the summer months, and will take its last customers 15 minutes before the park closes. Make sure to plan!

Little My’s Candy

This new, charming shop offers various Moomin-themed treats that are perfect for souvenirs – and to soothe that sweet tooth! You’ll find Little My’s Candy right next to Snorkmaiden’s Beauty Salon.

Moominworld Little My's Candy


The beloved favourites

Emma’s Theatre

Emma’s Theatre is the first attraction you’ll see, as you enter Moominworld. Here, you get to witness Moomin stories come to life on stage, for example, the Insivible Ninny presented in Finnish or Swedish. How do you think you’ll be able to see Ninny on stage? 🤔

Make sure to check Emma’s Theatre’s daily programme before your visit – and don’t worry, there’s a roof over the theatre so you’ll stay dry even if the summer rain surprises you!

After Emma’s Theatre, you’ll walk past plenty of restaurants and food stalls, themed shops and fun games, and then come to the Moominhouse, and the entrance of the Fairytale Trail. 

Moominworld Promenade

The Fairytale Trail 

The Fairytale Trail is right by Moominworld’s Police station, where you might find Stinky locked up after causing some trouble around town!

On the Fairytale Trail, you’ll walk along a serene, wood plank path surrounded by trees, with magical places on the way. You might meet Alice at her Herb garden, or get lost in the mysterious Labyrinth made of wood. Do you think you can find your way out? Thingumy and Bob might be there to help (or distract) you! 🤪

After the Labyrinth, brace yourself, as you’ll come to Hattifattener’s Cave. There are many of them, so be wary, especially when the weather in the cave gets stormy and they’re electrically charged!

If you survive Hattifattener’s Cave, you’ll come to the Witch’s House. There, you might witness unusual things taking place, from flying brooms to floating books. Remember to keep an eye out for the seashell board and take use of your Magic Bracelet!

At the end of the Fairytale Trail, you can test your courage again by walking across the foamy waters through the Suspension Bridge. A great opportunity to take in the beautiful nature surrounding Moominworld!

Moominworld Raft

Bathing Hut

At the end of the Fairytale Trail, you can take a right to the sandy beach or left to the Bathing Hut. In the original Moomin stories, Moominpappa builds a bathing hut for the family to swim, fish and relax during the summers. In the winter, this is where Too-Ticky lives.

Moominworld Naantali Tooticky


Oh, and what’s that in the water? It’s Edward the Booble! He swims in the waters of Moominvalley and likes to stay close to the Bathing Hut.

Hemulen’s house and flowerbed

On the way back into the park, you’ll walk past Hemulen’s house and flowerbed. You’re likely to know that this flowerbed is one of his greatest prides, so if you spot Hemulen there looking after his garden, maybe ask for a few gardening tips!

Moominworld Hemulen



In the middle of the park, you’ll find the attraction that most visitors, grown and young, find the most exciting – the Moominhouse! You’ll get to explore five floors of wonder and fun, with details based on the Moomin stories. It’s also where you’re most likely to meet the Moomin family and all their friends!

Doesn’t the ’90s Moomin theme song just immediately pop into your head, as you enter this blueberry-blue house?

Moominworld Naantali Moominhouse

Moominworld Naantali Moomintroll


Spot things like Moominmamma’s pancakes in the kitchen or Moominpappa’s typewriter in the attic. 

Visiting the Moominhouse is also an important moment to keep an eye out for the Magic Bracelet’s seashell boards!

The Nature path

Moominworld is located on an island in the city of Naantali, which is part of a popular Finnish archipelago trail. This gives you a unique opportunity to not only enjoy the Moomin attractions, but also tune in to the nature around you.

Moominworld Nature path


Along the Nature Path, you’ll come to Snork’s Park of Inventions, where you can examine some of his designs, or attend his workshop and help him build something new!

Moominworld Snork's inventions


On the path, the sound of harmonica carries to your ears and you might even smell a pot of coffee being made, as you approach Snufkin’s Camp. You can join Snufkin there for a story time twice a day!

Before reaching Snufkin’s Camp, you can stop at the Scenic Lookout Point and really savour the gorgeous views of the archipelago. From the cliffs, you can also spot Kultaranta, the summer residence of Finland’s President! If you see a flag up the pole, it means the President is there.

Before continuing your journey back into the park, take your shoes off on the Barefoot Trail and let your tired feet feel the sand, pebbles and water on the way! If you’re tired from all the excitement of the day, you can do what Moominpappa likes to do – climb into a hammock at the Whileaway Park, and take a sweet nap!

Other fun and curiosity-inducing attractions around Moominworld are Hemulen’s house, Moomintroll’s house, Moominworld’s Fire station, the Wishing Well, Moominmamma’s Giant Pumpkin, a Marble Track, and Muddler and Fuzzy’s Jar.

Moominworld Pumpkin



The beach

To enjoy even more of the Finnish nature, you can go for a refreshing swim at the Moominworld’s beach! You can get there at the end of the Fairytale Trail, through Sniff’s Summer Cottage, or taking a right immediately after the ticket shop, before entering the park. If you’re not up for a swim, you can sit and relax at the Beach Café.

Moominworld Beach


Special events this year

There’s always something fun happening in Moominworld! Have a look at the event calendar to join events like the Moomin Family’s Midsummer Ball on 23-24 June, Moomintroll’s birthday celebrations on 7 August, or the last day of summer on 20 August, when all of Moominworld prepares to hibernate.

Food and drinks in Moominworld 

In Moominworld, you don’t need to worry about being hungry or thirsty during your day! In Mamma’s Kitchen, you can fill up your stomach with healthy food made using organic and local ingredients, or enjoy a meal at the Pizza & Pasta, or the Burger place.

There’s also a Beach Café at the beach, Snork’s Inventions Café by his factory, and plenty of spots to soothe your sweet tooth, whether you like doughnuts, pancakes, ice cream or candy floss!

Moominworld Pancakes



The Moominworld Promenade also has various shopping opportunities from Sniff’s Shop to the Moomin Post Office, to make sure you can go home with some tangible memories!

Moominworld Shop


The Moomins in the city of Naantali

In 2021, Naantali was officially named “the hometown of Moominworld”! Every year, the city embraces this title with wonderful events and Moomin attractions.

The Peculiar Café

Located in Naantali’s Old Town, the Peculiar Café is filled with wonderful Moomin story details, from the Muskrat in his hammock to the world’s smallest dragon and Sorry-oo’s doghouse – and a fabulous collection of Moomin mugs. A special place to stop for some freshly-baked cinnamon buns!

Moomin shop in Naantali Old Town

Whilst exploring the Old Town, stop by this shop inside an old wooden house, offering various Moomin-themed items, including Moominworld’s own products!

Moomin playgrounds

There are three wonderful Moomin playgrounds in Naantali: one in Asemapäällikön puisto, one in Luostarinkatu and one in Kirkkopuisto.

Read Hour

Read Hour is an annual campaign that takes place on 9 August and celebrates reading by encouraging people to read for an hour on the day. The city of Naantali also takes part in the campaign, with Moomin books being one of their top recommendations. The main library has a permanent Moomin book corner!