5 trendy Moomin summer items – with free downloadables

Summer is finally here, and what better way to celebrate the sun-kissed season than with the delightful charm of the Moomins? From trendy wardrobe essentials to travel accessories and unique Moomin mugs, here are five handpicked Moomin summer items - and free downloadable activities - to infuse your days with joy and adventure.

“Neither one of the two friends felt any great need of talking. As yet. They had time; summer lay before them, long and full of promises.”

Moominsummer Madness (1954)

1. Nordicbuddies x Moomin fluffy bucket hats

Moomin summer items Nordicbuddies bucket hat

2. Moomin Arabia x Red Cross mug (2-pack now on sale!)

Moomin summer items Arabia Red Cross mugs

3.  Lasessor Moominsummer Madness scarf

Moomin summer items Lasessor scarf


4. SIGG x Moomin water bottles


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Free downloadables 🎨

Whether you need screen-free activities for the kids or something meditative for grown-up moments, download and print these free colouring and exercise pages!

Moomin summer items Free downloadable


🔷 Print a crossword puzzle for children here.

🔷 Print a crossword puzzle for tweens here.

🔷 Print a crossword puzzle for adults here.

🔷 Print a word search for adults here.

Moomin free downloadables

🔶 Print more colouring pages and exercises here.


🔷 Print all Moomin ABC colouring pages here.


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