Moomin Shop Helsinki Airport: A journey through the final Moomin story

Travel through the picture book The Dangerous Journey at Helsinki Airport’s new Moomin Shop. Located in the Schengen area, the new airport flagship store welcomes travellers to the scenery of Tove Jansson’s final Moomin story.

A young girl, bored with her everyday routine, puts on brand-new glasses and is transported into a different world. She meets Hemulen, Sniff, and Thingumy and Bob, and together they all journey across a magical world, underneath birds that fly upside down, through mangrove swamps, spluttering volcanoes and sea.

Rescued by Too-Ticky on a hot air balloon, the group arrives safely in Moominvalley just in time for a celebration with the Moomin family and their friends.

Stepping into the new Moomin Shop at Helsinki Airport, you’ll find yourself stepping into the scenery of this story – The Dangerous Journey (originally published 1977). Upon entering, you pass by a swarm of Hattifatteners and walk below a hot air balloon carrying the little girl and her entourage on their way to Moominvalley.

Moomin Shop Helsinki Airport

Moomin Shop Helsinki Airport

There are now two Moomin Shops at Helsinki Airport – one in the non-Schengen area, and now, another in the Schengen area.

“It was important for us to be present in both gate areas with so many tourists and local travellers seeking Moomin products. We wanted to create a new, captivating hub for Moomin devotees and curious newcomers alike – a place where you could not only shop but get to know Tove Jansson’s stories in an immersive way”, says Jonas Forth, Director of Retail at Moomin Characters.

Moomin Shop Helsinki Airport

The theme of this specific Moomin story – the excitement of exploring new places and making new friends along the way – is perhaps why many find themselves at Helsinki Airport. Travellers embarking on or coming from all kinds of journeys can take a moment and get lost in this unique Moomin adventure.

Interior design inspired by Tove Jansson’s final Moomin story

All Moomin Shops in Finland have been designed based on a Moomin book, whether that’s specific building elements or the interior colours, the stores aim to take visitors on an atmospherical journey through the stories.

The new airport store has been inspired by the picture book The Dangerous Journey, the last-ever Moomin story written by Tove Jansson, originally published in 1977. 

The book’s colours and expressive details of nature dance around the store, echoing the unique illustrations. Look up and around: you’ll see the birds, and you’ll feel the mystical nature of swamps and mangrove forests.


The store has been designed by Interior Architecture Carola Rytsölä Oy, the team behind the recently opened Moomin flagship store in Esplanadi, Helsinki.

“The Dangerous Journey is a story about throwing oneself at adventure and coming together to face challenges. We wanted to grasp the mystical feeling of stepping into the unknown – and the excitement of doing so”, says Carola Rytsölä, the designer of the store.

“There are obvious references to the story: the colour palette is from the book’s cover illustration, the hot air balloon from the story flies above the entrance, there are upright and upside down birds flying out of the store – just like in the story, many things are upside down, or slightly ”wrong”.

Every piece of interior has been looked at through the lens of the story.

“The floor resembles mountain rock, and the ceiling and ”trees” in the central area are inspired by mangrove forest and foliage. The cash till and mid-floor furniture’s inspiration comes from the mountains”, Carola explains.

“The construction name is ”Kantarelli”, which means ‘Chantarelle’, the mushroom. The wall silk lights behind the cash till are shaped like chanterelles, and the tree tops on the shop floor also resemble the chantterelle’s hat”.

Moomin Shop Helsinki Airport


The new Helsinki Airport Moomin Shop is open between 5am – 9pm (EET) every day to travellers flying within the Schengen area. The shop can only be accessed with a flight ticket.

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As night approached Susanna said she must be on her way.

For she and Kitty should go home, they really couldn’t stay.

But she never really knew

Just what had made her travel;

Real or not, untrue or true –

Why bother to untravel?

From the book The Dangerous Journey (1977)


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