Calm in the eye of the storm – Makia’s new collection is a tribute to Moominmamma

Finnish streetwear company Makia’s third Moomin collection has been inspired by the backbone of the Moomin family, Moominmamma. The new Makia x Moomin collection is now available on the Moomin webshop.

The “Calm in the eye of the storm” collection is a tribute to Moominmamma, the calm and collected mother who just wants everyone to be happy while juggling her duties in the eye of the storm. Moominmamma believes in individuality and that people learn a lot from their mistakes. She finds solutions rather than points fingers and sees the silver lining in every cloud. 

The collection consists of comfortable clothes, woollen accessories and inspiring home products. Makia’s designer Elina Lappalainen tells that the collection is warm, soft and easily approachable – just like Moominmamma.

Makia’s previous Moomin collections, inspired by Moominpappa and the book Moominpappa at Sea, were hugely popular among Moomin fans and many of the products sold out already during the first days. 

Inspiration from the first Moomin story

The colours and feel of the new collection are based on the first Moomin story, The Moomins and the Great Flood, published originally in 1945. It is the story about Moominmamma and Moomintroll’s search for the missing Moominpappa and how they found their way to the Moominvalley. 

moomin makia beanie

“As I started to work on the collection, I went to visit book stores. I saw the cover of the book and fell in love immediately. The mood of the cover made me return to the book several times, and I just had to take it home with me,” Lappalainen tells.

“Moominmamma and Moomintroll’s adventure through the unknown, searching for Moominpappa and their home in the midst of the flood is full of warmth and hope. That’s something I wanted to bring to the collection.”

Giving a voice to the invisible child

moomin makia ninny hoodie

Besides highlighting the ever so caring and motherly Moominmamma, Makia felt it was important to give a voice to Ninny – the invisible child.

Ninny reminds us of the importance of giving a voice to young women and empowering them in their daily lives. Especially those who feel lonely, outsiders, or are struggling in general with some aspect of their lives. No one should have to be an invisible child.

Lappalainen tells that the hoodie is her own favourite from the collection: “I’ve always been touched by Ninny’s story, and how Moominmamma and Too-Ticky help Ninny to open up. This is probably because a while back, I was “hiding” as well.”

moomin makia shirt

Makia published the news about the campaign on International Day of the Girl, ⁠and for their ”Do you see me?” campaign local personalities opened up about their first-hand experiences on being invisible.⁠

Lappalainen’s own story is extremely touching, as well: “I was very shy and hid inside large hoodies, thinking that no one would notice me. Luckily I met my own Moominamma, who saw potential in me and supported and encouraged me until I was ready to come out of my shell and trust myself and others. Without this person, I wouldn’t be here today.” 

Clothes, accessories and homeware 

Lappalainen hopes that with the help of the collection, Moomin fans could find their inner Moominmamma, who could give them energy and strength to any challenges they face. 

In addition to clothes and accessories, the collection includes also beautiful mugs, bottles and more. The harmonic colours of the collection are repeated in Muurla’s enamel mugs and chop and serve board as well as SIGG’s bottles.

In almost all of the products, there is a small surprise hidden for the user – a certain pair of twins hiding somewhere. “Because they tend to hide in the strangest places, I hid them in (almost) every product”, Lappalainen tells. Can you already guess who she’s talking about?

The “Calm in the eye of the storm” collection is now available on our webshop. Take a look at the collection and get your favourite pieces before it’s too late!