Moomin skateboards for young and old – Happy Hour Skateboards’ new collection is here

Happy Hour Skateboards’ new Moomin collection consists of gorgeous decks and apparel. One of the designs is a special edition only available at the Moomin Shops. The previous collections have sold out quickly, so make sure to order a deck today if you want one!

Happy Hour Skateboards is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a magnificent Moomin collection!

The collection includes four beautiful decks with Moomin illustrations and matching t-shirts and hoodies. 

The illustrations on the decks and clothes are from Tove Jansson’s novels Moominvalley in November, Moominland Midwinter, Moominsummer Madness and Moominpappa at Sea.

“Design-wise, we took quite a different approach for this anniversary collection than our two earlier Moomin collections”, Oki Kalaoja, owner of Happy Hour’s distributor Four Down Distribution, says.



“This time, the graphics play around much more on colours and toning and the overall vibes Tove Jansson’s art gave us”, he adds.

Moomin skateboard Snufkin

“In the Snufkin graphic, for example, the mood that the background colours create is a vital part of the graphic.It feels like a beautiful chilly fall evening when the last sunrays still warm you a bit, but you know that the winter is fast approaching.”

“Same with Moomintroll: the slate blue colour of the board and the hoodie creates a ”silent night” mood that really fits the artwork.”

Happy Hour Skateboards Moomin Moomintroll




“It might look a bit haunting for some, but I find it very peaceful. I love staying up a bit longer than others just to be in peaceful quietness for a bit before going to sleep,” Kalaoja says.

This time the collection also includes a board for the youngest skateboarders! The cute Little My board is also available in size MINI 7.25” – perfect for kids.

Happy Hour Skateboards Moomin

The Little My deck, and the entire collection, is not only great for skateboarding but a beautiful decoration for the home as well!

“Funny how time slips away” – special edition only available on Moomin Shops

One part of the anniversary collection is the special edition products only available on the Moomin Shops.

Only available on the Moomin Shops.

The ”Funny how time slips away” board, t-shirt and sweatshirt are decorated with an illustration from Moominpappa at Sea (1965), where Moomintroll and Moominpappa discuss the mysterious forces of the sea.

Happy Hour Skateboards Moomin

The special edition products are available in limited quantities.

“From all the Moomin products that we’ve done so far, this is the most exclusive & limited run. The boards are numbered to 150 units total, and the apparel collection is super limited as well, ” Kalaoja says.


The first collection sold out in minutes

Happy Hour Skateboards’ first Moomin collection, which was released in 2018, sold out on the launch day.

“During the day, one shop owner who had been in the skateboard business since the late 1980s called us and said he hadn’t seen anything like this in Finland ever before when it comes to skateboard sales. At that point, we understood that we had heavily underestimated how many people could be into Moomin-themed skateboards not only for skateboarding but also for home decoration”, Kalaoja reminisces.

Happy Hour Skateboards launched their second Moomin collection, which also included apparel, the following spring.

Seeing how stunning the new collection is, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the collection sold out really quick again. If you want to ensure one of the Moominous boards or shirts for yourself, head to the Moomin Shop today!