6 August 2018

Moomin by Happy Hour Skateboards – historical Moomin skateboards are here!

Finnish company, Happy Hour Skateboards, brings Moomins to the skateboarding world by introducing a limited edition of Moomin skateboard decks! The sale starts on Tove Jansson’s birthday, August 9th, 2018.

The world’s first Moomin skate deck collection will consist of five different designs based on the original illustrations by the Moomin creator Tove Jansson. The mystical Hattifatteners graphic on the deck will even glow in the dark! The historical collection of Moomin skateboard decks have been produced only as a limited set.

”The collaborations with the Tom Of Finland Foundation were pioneer work for us in terms of spreading the word about tolerance and equality in the skateboarding community. After two successful collections with Tom Of Finland, we gained the confidence to make this collaboration happen. Still a few years ago we couldn’t even dream of working with Moomins someday,” says Jarkko Poropudas, the owner of Happy Hour Skateboards.

”The majority of Finns have grown up watching the magical world of Moomins. To bring these much-loved characters to skateboarding is definitely one of the key moments of our 15-year history with Happy Hour Skateboards,” says Oki Kalaoja, the owner of Four Down Distribution.

Part of the collection will be available on moomin.com on Thursday, August 9th at 12 noon (UTC +3). Leave your email address on the product page to be notified when the products are in stock!


Photos: Happy Hour Skateboards

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The list of the Finnish retailers:

Moomin Shop, www.moomin.com
My Favorite Things (Helsinki), www.myfavoritethings.fi 
Ponke’s The Shop (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa), www.ponkes.com
Lamina (Helsinki), www.lamina.fi
Union Five (Helsinki), www.unionfive.fi
Makia Flagship Store (Helsinki)
Beyond (Jyväskylä), www.beyondstore.fi
Boardvillage (Kokkola), www.boardvillage.fi
Real Deal (Oulu), www.realdeal.fi
Day Off (Turku), www.dayoff.fi


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