Moomin by Happy Hour Skateboards – the new collection includes longed for Moomin decks as well as apparel!

Happy Hour Skateboards, based in Helsinki, Finland, is bringing out a second Moomin collection. The collaboration will hit the stores on the 4th of May.

Happy Hour Skateboards released the first line of MOOMIN by Happy Hour Skateboards decks in August 2018. The collection sold out in 1,5 hours, and now they are bringing out a second collection with Moomin decks as well as apparel.

The new collection includes 6 different graphics, featuring familiar faces from the Moomin world from Stinky and The Hemulen to Little My.

”When we released the first collection, both retailers and customers asked us to bring out apparel in addition to the MOOMIN decks. I think the apparel line turned out really well – skate clothing that looks like it’s designed by us, featuring the Moomin characters we love the best” says Oki Kalaoja, the owner of Four Down Distribution.

”Designing the second collection, we listened to our customers requests regarding which Moomin characters we should feature. This is the reason why Stinky is the main character of this collection,” says Jarkko Poropudas, the owner of Happy Hour Skateboards.

“It has been refreshing to work with the Happy Hour Skateboard team and take a peek into the world of skateboarders, where adventure and excitement are present, like in the Moomin stories. I am delighted that the richness of Moomin stories fits so many worlds”, says Marina Kelahaara, producer of Moomin Characters.

Release date: Saturday the 4th of May in stores at 10.00 & online at 13.00 (UTC +3).

Moomin Shop (Forum & Itäkeskus, Helsinki),
My Favorite Things (Helsinki),
Ponke’s The Shop (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa),´
Lamina (Helsinki),
Union Five (Helsinki),
Makia Flagship Store (Helsinki)
Beyond (Helsinki & Jyväskylä),
Boardvillage (Kokkola),
Real Deal (Oulu),
Manual (Seinäjoki),
Cartel (Tampere),
Day Off (Turku),

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Images: Happy Hour Skateboards

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