You are too young to understand, but as a matter of fact, a jewel is the only correct present for a lady.
But they are so horribly new and clean,’ said Snufkin sadly. ‘Haven’t you got something older?
Once when Moomintroll was diving he swallowed some water and nearly choked. It was funny!
Sniff, from the book Comet in Moominland
Higgely-piggely, Path is so wiggely, Time is past four. Almost dead beat On tired little feet; No friendly door.
That’s most extraordinary, but I’m so used to your doing extraordinary things that nothing surprises me. Besides I’m feeling melancholy just now.
Hemulen, from the book Finn Family Moomintroll
‘Perhaps it will come – perhaps not. It’s all the same to a person who knows that everything is unnecessary.’