30 January 2018

Tove Jansson’s Moomin picture books with saturated colors of the 50s

In 2017 Tove Jansson’s first picture book ‘Hur gick det sen?’ (‘The book about Moomin, Mymble and Little My’) was published in Swedish with remastered colors by Finnish publisher Förlaget. The picture book was originally published in 1952 and now after 65 years, it was the right time to go through all the original material in order to be able to print the books as Tove Jansson wished in the first hand.

Now also the book ‘Vem ska trösta Knyttet?’ (‘Who will comfort Toffle?’) is published with remastered colors. The book was the second Moomin picture book by Tove Jansson and it was originally published in 1960 in Swedish.

Creative Director of Moomin Characters and Tove Jansson’s niece, Sophia Jansson said: “During her career, Tove was inspired by the 50s modernism and the saturated colors of the time. Because the aesthetics of the 50s is very popular right now, it was natural to publish the books according to the original color scheme.” 

Sophia Jansson continues: “Publisher Förlaget together with the designer-driven creative agency Kobra has worked tremendously to ensure that the colors in Tove’s picture books are now as close to original colors as possible. The work has required analyzing a number of different editions as printing techniques have changed over the years.”

The new editions of these two beloved books are now available in Swedish:


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From now on the Moomin picture books will be printed according to the original colours

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