Tove Jansson Park in Helsinki

It seems likely that Tove Jansson will get a park on Katajanokka in Helsinki named in her honour. The Helsinki naming committee has decided to recommend that the park close to the Uspenski Cathedral will be named the Tove Jansson Park.

The park has symbolic value since Tove and her family lived close by the park and she also often played at the nearby cathedral.

Tove Park Map

The city of Helsinki has long debated on what street or park should bear Tove’s name but the plans have not progressed due to disagreement on where that place should be and whether existing park names could be changed.

Anni Sinnemäki from The Greens of Finland is the one who submitted the Katajanokka Park initiative last November and it was then supported by 70 percent of the elected officials. The Helsinki city planning board is however the authority with the final say in the matter.