Who inspired Tove when creating Too-ticky?

The positive and pragmatic Too-ticky is inspired by Tove Jansson‘s long-term life partner Tuulikki Pietilä. Tuulikki worked as a graphic artist and was one of the most influential people in Finnish graphic arts.

Too-Ticky real life inspiration Tuulikki Pietilä Tove JanssonTuulikki “Tooti” Pietilä and Tove Jansson on Klovharun

For the first time, Too-ticky appeared in the book Moominland Midvinter, which Jansson wrote shortly after she had started dating Tuulikki. Too-ticky occurs in Moomin books only infrequently but Jansson always describes her as an important and close friend and as a reliable advisor.

An independent Too-ticky lived in the Moomin family’s swimming room and not in the Moominhouse with others. A wise and brave character perfectly describes Tuulikki as well as the appearance and the name.

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