Together with you, we are more than two: take part in the #TacklingLonelinessDay campaign by Finnish Red Cross

#TacklingLonelinessDay campaign reminds us that we can all do our part in reducing loneliness around us. Send your friend a Moominous eCard or support the campaign by purchasing Finlayson’s new products!

The Moomin family aims to make sure that everyone in Moominvalley is happy, and the doors to Moominhouse are always open for visitors. By treating fellow human beings in the same way, we can all do our part in reducing loneliness.

“I had now found my first friend, and so my life was truly begun.”

-The Memoirs of Moominpappa (1950)

According to the loneliness barometer by Finnish Red Cross, loneliness has increased in Finland during the pandemic. The #TacklingLonelinessDay campaign aims to remind people of the importance of seeing one another. Something as simple as asking how someone is doing can have a big impact. This reminds us of Tove Jansson’s short story The Invisible Child, where Ninny is welcomed into the Moomin family and turns visible bit by bit. 

Thought-provoking light installation in Helsinki

Image: Roope Pöllänen

On Valentine’s Day morning a light installation was seen in front of the Helsinki Music Centre. The yard was filled with lights, but some of them were colder than others, representing those who are lonely. Red Cross trains volunteer friends who spend time with those who are lonely and in need of a friend. Finnish Red Cross helps 25 000 people yearly to get help for their loneliness. 

Send your friend a Moominous eCard

Surprise your friends today with a wonderful eCard! With the beautiful card, you can tell your friends how important they are to you. Download the card from the link below and send it via email to those you care about.

Finlayson’s beautiful product range supports the campaign

As a part of the campaign, Finlayson has launched a new, beautiful range of Moomin products. The designs of the new products are based on the illustrations Tove Jansson drew for Finnish Red Cross in the 1960s. By buying a product from the collection, you support Finnish Red Cross and its work against loneliness.

The collection consists of products for the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. The letters in the pattern form the word “ystävä”, which is Finnish for friend. 

Who Will Comfort Toffle? – a book sure to steal your heart if you’ve ever felt lonely

Tove Jansson’s Who Will Comfort Toffle? is a therapeutic classic, loved by readers of all ages. The central figure is an introverted and lonely little creature called Toffle, who is too shy to speak to anyone – until he discovers a creature even more afraid than he.

Read more about the book here and watch a wonderful mini-documentary below. If you wish to get the book for yourself, you can find it in the Moomin Shop.