Enjoy rainy days like the Moomins

There is a certain cosiness, introspection and connection to nature that rain can bring. Let these rainy Moomin quotes remind you of the simple joy and beauty of those wet autumn days.

In Moominvalley, there is a special charm to rainy days. As raindrops gently tap on windows and puddles, the Moomin family and their friends find beauty and solace in the midst of these tranquil moments – or, they embrace it and go outside to do whatever needs to be done. No Moomin is afraid of a bit of rain!

Here are eight Moomin quotes for rainy autumn days – and if you read through to the bottom, you’ll find wonderful Lasessor x Moomin rain products, like rain jackets and umbrellas, to complete the season’s mood!

Hiding indoors on rainy days

“One warm summer day it was raining softly in the Valley of the Moomins, so they all decided to play hide-and-seek indoors. Sniff stood in the corner with his nose in his paws and counted up to ten before he turned round and began hunting – first in the ordinary hiding-places and then in the extraordinary ones.”

Finn Family Moomintroll (1948)


One dark and rainy evening the Moomin family sat around the verandah table picking over the day’s mushroom harvest. The big table was covered with newspapers, and in the centre of it stood the lighted kerosene lamp. But the corners of the verandah were dark.

Tales from Moominvalley: From The Invisible Child (1962)


Moominmamma sighed. It was exactly what she was afraid of. The rainy weather was making them behave just as strangely as if they were kept in by the rain on a trip. And there would be lots of rainy days here. There back home there had always been plenty to do indoors, but here… Moominmamma got up and went over to the desk and opened the top drawer.

Moominpappa at Sea (1965)   

Moomin rainy quotes

Moominmamma looked out. It was raining. ‘I hope they won’t get colds,’ she thought and carefully sat up in bed.

Moominsummer madness (1954)

The symphony of raindrops

And she went on laying out shells, one blue, two white and a red, in turns, and it looked very fine indeed. She whistled quietly to herself and thought there was rain in the air. A wind was getting up, and now and again a strong gust shook the trees turning their leaves inside out, and Moominmamma noticed an army of clouds massing on the horizon and beginning to march up the sky. ‘I do hope there isn’t going to be another flood,’ she thought, picking up some shells that were left over, and going into the house as the first drops of rain began to fall.

Comet in Moominland (1946)


Time passed and the rain went on falling. There had never been an autumn when it had rained so much. The valleys along the coast sank under the weight of all this water that was streaming down the hillsides and the ground rotted away instead of just withering. Suddenly summer seemed so far away that it might just as well have never been and the distances between the houses seemed greater and everyone crept inside.

Moominvalley in November (1970)

The eastern horizon was waiting for sunrise. Small frightened squalls of rain were flying off, and the sky was strewn with clouds that the gale had forgotten to take along with it. A few weak thunderclaps went rolling by.
The weather was uneasy and didn’t know its own mind.

Tales from Moominvalley: The Fillyjonk who believed in disasters (1962)

rainy moomin quotes

Snufkin padded along calmly, the forest closed round him and it began to rain. The rain fell on his green hat and on his raincoat, which was also green, it pittered and pattered everywhere and the forest wrapped him in a gentle and exquisite loneliness.

Moominvalley in November (1970)

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Lasessor x Moomin On the Island collection

A call to inclusion, bravery, and solidarity

Moomins love an adventure, and sometimes it means travelling out to different islands. The new Lasessor x Moomin rain gear has derived its design from Tove Jansson’s original illustrations of the Moomins spending time on an island. Island life, however, is often quite solitary, and inspired by the story Who Will Comfort Toffle (1960), the collection aims to point out how it can be easy to become an island in life.

Toffle, an introverted and lonely person, who is shy to meeting people, served as the main inspiration for the design. Unlike Snufkin, who happily chooses solitude, Toffle has a hard time enjoying life without anyone to share it with. By chance, Toffle hears of a Miffle in need of help and finds his purpose, meaning, and an exit from loneliness in trying to help the Miffle.  

The Lasessor x Moomin On the Island collection reflects that when stepping out of one’s comfort zone and helping others, just like Toffle, something beautiful can happen. 

New Moomin rain gear out now

The new Lasessor X Moomin collection includes raincoats and ponchos, eco tote bags and umbrellas. The rain coats and pochos are available in both adult and children’s sizes, and come with reflective details to help visibility. The umbrellas and tote bags are made of 100% recycled plastic bottles (RPET).

Lasessor is a Finnish family business that produces high quality functional fashion accessories under the Design from Finland label. The new rain gear line is extending the popular Lasessor X Moomin collection of fashion accessories, umbrellas, and reflectors.