New Moomin mugs by Arabia – renewed designs for Moominmamma and Fillyjonk

Tove Jansson’s figures, Moominmamma and Mrs. Fillyjonk, get their own character crockery in the Arabia Moomin Classics collection. The character sets renewed by the illustrator and ceramic artist Tove Slotte dive deep into the typical traits of the figures of Tove Jansson’s Moomin stories, making them relatable in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The mugs, plates and bowls will be available in February, but you can already join the waiting list.

In the renewed character sets the figures of Tove Jansson’s Moomin stories are relatable in different situations of life. Moominmamma is gentle and understanding: her attitude to life, different people and their stories is open, and she always welcomes all wanderers into her home.  Mrs. Fillyjonk, on the other hand, is a mother of three children for whom cleanliness, order and predictability represent controlling life.

The new illustrations used in the Moominmamma set are based on the comic “Moomin Winter” (1959) by Tove and Lars Jansson and “Moominmamma’s Maid” (1956) by Tove. The illustrations in the new Fillyjonk set are based on Tove’s classic novel “Moominvalley in November” (1970) and the comic “Fuddler’s Courtship” (1959) by Tove and Lars. One illustration is also originally from Tove’s comic “Club Life in Moomin Valley” (1957).

New Moomin mugs by Arabia


The gentle Moominmamma and the tidy Fillyjonk

Tove Jansson has said that the role model for the Moominmamma character has been her mother, Signe “Ham” Hammarsten-Jansson. Moominmamma is the mainstay of Moominvalley and the heart of the Moominhouse – a gentle and clever mother figure who doesn’t let the small things get to her. There is no situation she can’t handle and she is always ready to give comfort or advice to those in need.

Original illustrations of Moominmamma products

The Fillyjonks, on the other hand, represent very different emotions in the Moomin stories, and Mrs. Fillyjonk, in particular, can be considered the polar opposite of Moominmamma. Neurotic and easily alarmed, Mrs. Fillyjonk is a strict parent who does not want her children to pick up bad habits. She tries to keep her life in order by constantly cleaning her house. If truth be told, Mrs. Fillyjonk actually envies Moominmamma for her bohemian lifestyle but cannot let go of her uptight ways.  

Original illustrations of Fillyjonk products


Classic characters doing their chores

In the illustrations for the new Moominmamma Moomin mug and the whole set, Moominmamma is tending to her vegetable patch with Misabel, her maid. Moominmamma has a maid for a while because Mrs. Fillyjonk feels that the Moomin family needs help tidying up their disorderly house.

As Moominmamma’s compassion extends beyond her family, she is ready to take care of anyone visiting the Moominhouse, whether it is for a short visit or an extended stay. Moominmamma is no stranger to life’s small pleasures, such as taking a break for herself and enjoying a nice cup of coffee, as can be seen on the reverse of the mug.

New Moomin mugs by Arabia


Mrs. Fillyjonk, on the other hand, is obsessed with cleaning her house and is at her best when given the opportunity to organise a spring cleaning. As seen in the illustrations for the Moomin mug and the set, Mrs. Fillyjonk has the uncanny ability to find any spots where dust or dirt might be hiding and, once uncovered, attacks the problem with a torrent of soapsuds.

The story told by the illustrations starts when a psychiatrist arrives in Moominvalley and cures Mrs. Fillyjonk of her cleaning complex. As Mrs. Fillyjonk’s house starts to get run down, Moominmamma decides to resolve the situation in her own unique way. She fabricates a telegram and tasks Mrs. Fillyjonk’s children with bringing the telegram to their mother. According to this telegram, a committee of ladies is coming to visit Mrs. Fillyjonk’s house. With this simple ruse, Moominmamma is able to restore Mrs. Fillyjonk’s passion for cleaning.  

New Moomin mugs by Arabia

Join the waiting list

The new Moominmamma and Fillyjonk Moomin mugs with plates and bowls will be available from 15 February 2021 and will be part of the permanent selection for the time being. Semiannual production discontinuing for Moomin mugs are announced separately.


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