A new web page with everything there is to know about Arabia’s Moomin mugs has been launched

Discover the Moomin mugs list: a new page containing information about Arabia's Moomin mugs, their original illustrations, availability and special features!


The page created for collectors and those interested in Moomin mugs offers interesting information about each and every one of Arabia’s Moomin mugs.

Whether you’re looking for seasonal mugs, mugs with special stamps, or the lovely Moomin mugs from the 90s, you’ll find them all on moomin.com/en/mugs. If you wish to know the name of the mug in Finnish or Swedish, you can change the language easily at the top right corner.

The functionality of the page will be improved with various facilitating search functions later on. Nevertheless, you can already today get acquainted with all of the mugs in the order in which they have been released.

Moomin mugs by arabia

By pressing the Read More button you will be redirected to our blog where you can get to know the mug in greater detail and view all the original illustrations by Tove and Lars Jansson that have been used when designing the mug.  You can also find more information about the availability of the mug or the sketches we have received from both Tove Slotte and Camilla Moberg, who have designed the mugs for Arabia.

The mugs currently available in our online store can be found by pressing the Buy Mug button.


Is there anything else you would like to learn about Arabia’s Moomin mugs? Let us know by sending a message to hello@moomin.com!