New Moomin game by creators of Angry Birds in development

Iconic Finnish brands will join forces to create joyful content for years to come as Rovio, becomes an exclusive partner for Moomin based mobile games. Rovio’s first Moomin game, based on the original story and world created by Tove Jansson and inspired by the Moominvalley animation visuals, is already being developed and is expected to reach soft launch later in 2021.

Rovio, the creator of the mobile game Angry Birds and one of the most successful Finnish mobile gaming companies globally, has entered into a long-term partnership with Moomin Characters and Gutsy Animations, the Emmy® Award-nominated studio behind the internationally celebrated Moominvalley 3D animation series to develop and publish Moomin games.

“Gutsy Animations did an astonishing job at bringing to life the rich stories and alluring atmosphere of the Moominvalley. We are honoured and excited to enter this partnership with Moomin Characters and Gutsy Animations. Working with Gutsy and Moomin will give us the opportunity to present this iconic brand to new audiences across the globe at the same time as we surely will delight our existing fans’,’ says Alex Pelletier-Normand, Rovio CEO‘’Rovio’s first Moomin game, based on the original story and world created by Tove Jansson, and inspired by the Moominvalley visuals, is already being developed and we expect it to reach soft launch later this year”, he adds.

Roleff Kråkström, Managing Director of Moomin Characters, says: “As Moomin Characters looks to expand their digital footprint and offering, it’s fantastic to join forces with Rovio Entertainment, who bring a wealth of expertise and success in this space. We’re confident this partnership will open up new opportunities not only to the Moomin trademark, but also to the additional Nordic story. This partnership marks an important milestone in our strategy to take local Nordic creations to the international marketplace.”

Also, Gutsy Animations has secured a significant investment from Rovio Entertainment.

Marika Makaroff, Founder and CCO of Gutsy Animations, says: “I’m thrilled to have Rovio joining us and bolstering our efforts to create meaningful international content that leans into Nordic values. This investment shows growth does not always need to come from far afield and is an incredible display of confidence in Gutsy Animations’ ability to create high quality, distinctive content for the global market. Additionally, by forging a collaboration between three Finland-based companies, this partnership shows a high level of trust in Finnish know-how, highlighting the power of storytelling through shared values. Through this investment, we’ll have a valuable opportunity to continue writing Finnish success stories across the worlds of both entertainment and culture, which follow in the footsteps of our celebrated, Emmy® Award-nominated adaptation of the original Moomin stories, Moominvalley.”

Gutsy Animations is a Finnish production house that creates high-quality content for the international market. The company’s flagship production, multi-award-winning Moominvalley, has a record-high of 16 million starts on Yle’s streaming platform in Finland.