Mumin Kaffe: the first Moomin café in Helsinki

Moomin café Mumin Kaffe at Liisankatu 21 in Helsinki is now open! With its nearly 70 seats, Mumin Kaffe welcomes all Moomin fans to enjoy the warm but cheerful atmosphere near the Helsinki Cathedral. Mumin Kaffe’s unique concept combines well known Moomin brand with the Scandinavian design and the service concept where children are the priority.

Children come first

Mumin Kaffe is the first children’s Moomin café in Finland and in the whole Europe – designed for children and their needs. Children are the priority, and they will be seen and heard. The café at Liisankatu even has wall bars and wooden gymnastics rings to play with!

Mumin Kaffe Liisankatu Helsinki children

Mumin Kaffe at Liisankatu is decorated with Scandinavian design pieces of furniture and for children who may not be interested in design, there is something as well – they may see Moomins where adults don’t.

Mumin Kaffe Liisankatu Helsinki

Mumin Kaffe Liisankatu Helsinki children first

Four cafés soon open in Helsinki

There are more than 20 Moomin cafés and dozens of Moomin shops in multiple countries all over the world, and during this winter, Mumin Kaffe will open a total of four licensed Moomin cafés in Helsinki, Finland. The second Mumin Kaffe is opening at Tehtaankatu 12 in January. This second Moomin café in Helsinki will be near Neitsytpolku, where Tove’s brother, Lars Jansson, lived with his family in 1958-2000.

Also, the next year will continue as busy; Mumin Kaffe will open at Mechelininkatu 3 in January and at the Stockmann department store in Helsinki city centre in February.

Mumin Kaffe (now closed)

Liisankatu 21,
00170 Helsinki


Check out Mumin Kaffe on Facebook to find out more! For a review and instructions on how to find the cafés in Japanese, please see this lovely piece by bloggers Aleksi & Aoi.