Mother’s Day gifts for Moomin fans

What better way to show love and appreciation for your mum than with a thoughtful gift? Here are some ideas for wonderful Mother's Day gifts for all the serious and less-serious Moomin fan mothers out there!

Does your mother remind you of Moominmamma, always ensuring that people feel cared for and welcome to be themselves? Or maybe your mum is fiery and brave like Little My? Or like Hemulen, a lover of rules and responsibility?

Whatever the answer is, this is the day to think of and appreciate your mother. So, here are some Moominous mother’s day gift ideas for this year!

1. Moomin glass vases and bottles

If you’re planning to bring flowers when visiting your mum this Mother’s Day, a cheerful Moomin vase or glass bottle will make the bouquet an even more thoughtful gift!


This beautiful Muurla Moomin summer vase shows Snorkmaiden picking flowers in the meadow, an illustration based on the book Moominsummer Madness.


The Muurla Moomin glass bottles also make for a great flower vase, or a sturdy water bottle. They come with many different illustrations and in two sizes: 0.5l and 1l.

2. Moomin coffee and sweets

A cup of warm tea or coffee, maybe some baked dessert or traditional sweets – sounds like the perfect afternoon to spend together with your mum!


Bergstrands Kafferosteri Moomin coffee has a flavour for everyone, from medium to dark roast to dreamy chocolate and salted caramel – a good companion for a Moomin mug!


The classic crunchy peppermint-peeled chocolate sweet, Fazer’s Marianne, wrapped in a charming picture of Moominmamma, is an adorable detail to add to your afternoon.


Perfect for all chocolate lovers, this delicious Moomin milk chocolate with a hint of raspberry comes in another delightful wrapping featuring Moominmamma.

3. The Summer Book by Tove Jansson

The widely cherished novel by Tove Jansson, The Summer Book is a life-affirming story about an elderly artist and her six-year-old granddaughter’s summer together. Tove Jansson’s own favourite out of her adult novels, this book is a beautiful gift for Mother’s Day. Especially, as the novel is currently being adapted into a film, starred by Glenn Close.

The Summer Book


4. Moomin coasters and napkins

Planning a Mother’s Day lunch? Surprise your mum with adorable Moomin dining accessories.


Made with high-quality wood in Sweden, the Opto Design Moomin coaster set is called “Together” and suits family moments perfectly.


Another delightful detail to add to the Mother’s Day table is Opto Design Moomin napkins with a heart-warming illustration of Moominmamma and Moomintroll’s embrace.

5. Moomin gold and silver bracelets

Looking for something more personal? This gorgeous Moress Charms Moomin gold chain bracelet featuring Snufkin and Little My is an elegant, timeless gift. The same bracelet also comes in sterling silver.

Moomin golden bracelet


6. Moomin candles and candleholders

Just because it’s spring, your mum doesn’t have to stop burning candles – they’re a relaxing addition to cosy evenings at home, any season!


A beautiful way to add a touch of Moomin to everyday moments, these delightful MiLu Moomin scented candles come in three captivating scents from rose & vanilla to eucalyptus.


This round Muurla Moominmamma candle holder is a nice touch of colour at home and shows through the candlelight beautifully. And what’s better, it doesn’t have to be just a candle holder – it’s also great as a cookie jar or a flower vase!

The Moomin stories are all about love, kindness and the importance of family, making them the perfect inspiration for Mother’s Day gifts. Whichever Moomin gift you’ll choose for your mother or a mother figure in your life, make sure to give her special attention this Mother’s Day! 

“Mother, I love you terribly.”

Moomintroll in Moominland Midwinter