Who inspired Tove when creating Moominpappa?

Tove Jansson‘s father, Viktor “Faffan” Jansson has in many ways inspired Tove when creating the character of Moominpappa. Viktor Jansson made his career as a sculptor and the favourite theme of his sculptures was female figures. Like Moominpappa, Viktor organized cheerful parties and they both equally loved adventures, storms, and small disasters. In addition to the celebrations and adventures, they both showed great love towards the sea, friends, and whisky.

Tove, Viktor and Per Olov

Tove Jansson’s brother Per Olov: “My father Faffan was not sculptor for me but he was the one who discovered the best mushroom places, knew all the courses to navigate to the fishing places, pulled longlines and pulled the pikes from the water, knew how to skin the eel, was the best friend with all the pilot station pilots and, best of all, loved the storms. “

Yes – sounds exactly like Per Olov was speaking about Moominpappa.

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